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4 Decorating Ideas to Have a Cosy Winter Home at the Start of 2020

Now that the festive period has passed and the joy of having family and friends has simmered down, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on your home and get it ready for the remainder of Winter as the cold months continue. It also gives you the chance to spruce up your living space, if you have any visitors that couldn’t get enough after Christmas.

With that in mind, there are some great winter warmer interior design ideas that you can include in your home to provide that added seasonal warmth whilst the weather continues to chill. Here are some interior design tips that you can include in your warm home this winter.

Suede and velvet furniture

Considering it’s seasonal changes that you’re looking to make, it may seem like a rather large commitment to purchase a different piece of furniture for a few months. However, towards the end and beginning of the year there can be some great deals that you can find on designer sofas as new trends develop for the year. Choosing velvet and suede furniture can add warmth and comfort to your living space, encouraging its use as a social space for friends and family.

Photo by Searchfield Homes

Alternatively, if you prefer not to make such a commitment you can always rearrange your furniture and add blankets or soft cushions to add a similar effect.

A warm colour palette

Changing the colour of your room can make a big difference to the look and feel of your room. It will be a project that requires time, but the rewards can be amazing when you see the finished appearance of your room. Sometimes, your room may not even need a full makeover. Adding a feature wall provides an encapsulating facet to your chosen room. Of course, in order to keep with a warm theme, stick to winter colours such as maroon and dark reds that resonate a hot fire and add similar coloured ornaments around the room to keep the look consistent.

Photo by Niemann Interiors

Include winter accessories

Adding a warm feel to your room doesn’t necessarily require a complete overhaul of the design. Sometimes, the most subtlest of changes can make a big difference to how you feel. This is where you can introduce winter accessories into the room to make the changes that you need to make it feel a little more cosy. The types of accessories you can include can be candles, blankets and even decor that’s taken from the outdoors to provide the effect that you’re looking for.

Photo by Ashley Camper Photography

Provide something different to your dining room

The design ideas shouldn’t just be considered for your living space, there are many other rooms that deserve the cosy love around the home, including your dining room. For many, the kitchen is considered as the machine of the house that’s only used for cooking. However, there are amendments that you can make to it to provide the warming love that it needs to. Add wall hangings and decor around the kitchen that can bring the warmth right in.

Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography

Add these ideas to your home and feel the comfort right away as you look to give your home a revamp during the winter.

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