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4 Carpet Styles to Consider Adding to Your Home

Carpet is becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Its affordability and ease of installation are a few reasons to consider. There are several styles available that can suit any room in the house. Here’s are some types of carpet you might want to add to your home this year.

Berber Carpets

Short-cut or Berber carpets make cleaning easy. They do not have long strands like traditional shaggy carpets, and they look very similar to a wholesale dreamweaver carpet. They create little piles which trap dirt before it has time to spread through your whole carpet. These pile designs also help prevent slipping if someone spills something on them. They come in many fun colors and patterns. The spaces become livelier than ever imagined possible with traditional flooring materials such as wood or tile.

Shag Carpets

Another trendy choice is shag carpeting. It has a bottomless pile and creates a soft surface for your feet to rest upon as you walk through those rooms each day. It can be challenging to clean with the long strands of this material. Many homeowners choose carpets in dull colors so that stains are not as noticeable. These materials have been known to age over time but keep their beauty—they add charm and character to every room. Although most people use these styles on flooring, some homeowners prefer using them on walls. They stand out more against any other decorating choices the homeowner makes. They are not too overwhelming for those who prefer more toned-down room designs.

Carpet Tiles

These are an excellent choice for those looking to add some color to their homes without having to commit to an entire carpeting style. These materials allow you the flexibility of creating your patterns and layouts throughout the house. These can be placed together in rows. They are also laid out alone with borders on either side to stand out from walls and other flooring choices made by previous homeowners. They come in many colors, textures, styles, and shapes, making it easy for every homeowner to find something unique. This also makes cleaning much easier. If one tile becomes stained or damaged, it is simple enough to replace that single piece instead of the whole carpet.

Pleated Carpets

Pleated carpets are very similar in appearance to Berber-style carpeting, but they create a much deeper pile than the other options listed here. This makes them even easier to clean because all you need is your home’s regular vacuum cleaner. There’s no need for special tools or equipment. These materials also come in many colors, patterns, and styles so that homeowners can create unique rooms for themselves.

In conclusion, it’s easy to see why adding carpeting is a great choice – no matter the room you’re considering. These materials bring comfort, elegance, character and cleanliness. That is why many homeowners choose to carpet their homes. It can provide a more comfortable setting for everyone living there. It also makes cleaning much easier. There are so many styles available that you should have no problem finding something perfect for your home.

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