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4 Beautiful and Trendy Ways to Landscape Your Garden

Landscaping trends change every year as people come up with new, innovative designs. Some designs are easy to modify based on trends from the past. When you take the time to build a garden, make sure that it’s as beautiful and unique as it can be.

Geometrical Gardening

Mathematical concepts are known to be useful in interior and exterior designs. Being familiar with geometrical shapes helps to improve any design and create a more symmetrical look. Some people even take inspiration from crop circles and create circular plant designs in the center of the yard.

Photo by Arterra Landscape Architects

There are many landscape supplies that you can use for creating perfect symmetry. You can use ground grid pavers, pave stones and edging tools made of rubber or concrete. As you design, include a handful of common shapes and straight lines.

Singular Colors/Designs

Most gardens are full of plants in a variety of colors and sizes. A garden looks just as attractive if there’s a single color or design that stands out. An example is a flower bed that is only full of white or red flowers. You could fill one section of a garden with only one type of plant like moss or bamboo. This looks neater than a garden with a jumble of random plants that do not look good together. A singular design is guaranteed to make people more aware of your careful gardening skills.

Photo by Cool Designs for Landscapes

Seamless Patios

It’s often that patios and decks are placed at higher levels, which look detached from the rest of the yard. Build a patio that blends seamlessly into the lawn. Create patios and walkways that are built at floor level with the grass. Instead of building a wooden deck, try to install clay pavers or tiles that lay perfectly flat on the ground.

Photo by Casa Smith Designs, LLC

Winter Gardening

Before winter comes, your plants are certain to die and wither away. Before that happens, build a winter-style garden that withstands the worst cold weather conditions. Common wintertime plants include pansies, wintergreens and boxwoods. Frost or snow add a unique look to colorful plants. When rebuilding your Spring garden, consider planting winter plants that last all year round.

Photo by AIA Fort Worth

Following trends is necessary to turn ordinary landscaping into one-of-a-kind landscaping. Adding a new design is not hard or expensive and will significantly increase your property’s value. Enhancing your garden is a project that is definitely worth the planning and effort.

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