31 Mind Blowing Photographs of Amazon Forest

Time to take a look on mind blowing photographs of Amazon River and Amazon forest at Incredible snaps. Amazon River the name itself has its own fame it is the second longest river in the world. Amazon River is situated in South  America. Amazon basin is the largest basin in the world it covers 30 percent of South America. Nearly one third all species in the world lives in Amazon rainforest. Amazon River is really fantastic place with large surroundings of greenery heaven. Enjoy it.



Tupi red bird also known as The scarlet ibis

Balbina Dam in Amazon Brazil

Red and Green Macaws DO grow on trees in the Amazon


Amazon Flower

Amazonian Godzilla in my garden

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Amazonian Rainforest Monkey Island Peru

Amazonian Sunset

Amazon Morning

Amazon Poison Dartfrog

Amazon rainforest jaguar

Aerial roots of red mangrove on an Amazonian river

Amazon Tropical rainforest Peru


Alto Madre de Dios river in Peru

An Amazon Chestnut Sunrise

Brown Woolly Monkey in the Amazon

Capped Heron

Emerald boa Amazon Equador

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Iracema Waterfalls in Amazon rainforest

Leafcutter Ant

Monkeys hanging out in the Amazonian jungle

Palm Tanager in the Amazon

San Rafael Falls

Star of the water In the rivers of the Amazon

Toucan the earl of Amazonia

Stormy clouds cover the Amazonian jungle

Streams of light in the Amazonian mist

San Rafael Falls


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