3 Ways to Save Space Around The Home

Is your home cramped? Crowded? No room to swing a cat? You’ve come to the right place. For a clutter-free property that you can be proud of, just follow these house hacks.

Here are the top 3 ways to save space around the home.

1. Use a shelf instead of a bedside table

If you tend to dump any old rubbish on your bedside table, think about a shelf instead. You’ll be able to attach this to the wall with just a few screws, and can proudly display your alarm clock, bedtime book, and a glass of water. This simple design tip will instantly free up space around your bed, and will make your bedroom look much bigger than it really is! Give it a try! If you have the space, a shelf on either side of the bed will look much more contemporary than old bedside tables.


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2. Storage boxes under the bed

If you have space under your bed, why not purchase storage boxes? You’ll be able to pull these out from the under the bed with ease, and free up space around the home. DVDs, books, toys, writing material… what you keep in your storage boxes is completely up-to-you. They even come in a wide range of different sizes and materials. Is your clutter bothering you? Out of sight, out of mind!


3. Have a proper clear out

If you scan your eyes across the room you’re reading this in, you can probably spot loads of clutter that doesn’t really serve a purpose. Getting rid of some of your stuff might sound like a big deal, but it’s a lot easier than you think. Once you’re removed a few items that you no longer need, your rooms will look much bigger and brighter. You can even do your bit for charity by donated your unwanted belongings! Focus on one room at a time and ask yourself if you really need the item, before removing it. Self storage is an option many people use when trying to de-clutter, or when moving house. For a complete list of storage companies, visit Storageseeker.co.uk.

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