3 Ways To Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

There are a lot of people who would prefer a larger space over a small one. You will be able to fit more things in a wider area, after all. However, there is merit to a small space. The tiny house trend is a testament to that. It is more manageable, easier to clean, and of course, takes less effort to decorate.

The real challenge, though, lies in making an effort to make space look bigger. While there’s nothing wrong with a small space it is also not a reason for it to look cramped. Hence, in this article, allow us to share with you the best practices to create an illusion of space even with the tiniest bedrooms.

Paint Your Walls Light Colors

One of the best things that you can do to make any interior space look bigger is to paint it in a lighter color. Not only will it create a fresh ambiance, but it will also invite more light in. Choose a warmer hue for a more cozy effect or a cooler hue for a more calming result.

Monochromatic Paint

Since we want a wider space, another thing to keep in mind is how the room will flow to other spaces (or other areas if we’re only dealing with a single room). Hence, you don’t want to segment your room further by painting it in different colors even if they do match the color palette you’re going for.

Instead, we suggest painting it in a single color that matches the other rooms in the house (or all the areas within that space). Another option to add variety or visual interest is to stick to a monochromatic scheme.

Make the Ceilings Darker or With a Bold Pattern

But what if you want your space to look more dramatic? Or show an interesting pattern? Does it mean that you won’t be able to do so without risking making your room smaller? Not quite. There is a way to still display your exemplary taste in dramatic colors and patterns. Place them on your ceiling. You can try repainting it or installing patterned wallpaper.

Another interesting effect of this technique is that it gives the illusion of height by pulling visual attention upwards.

Do Not Decorate in the Middle Zone

Another tip that you can keep in mind in order to achieve an illusion of height is to stay away from occupying the middle zone of your wall. Instead, hang your wall art a little bit lower to add height above it, and get furniture pieces that go almost up to your ceiling to make your space look taller.

Mirrors Are the Ultimate Illusion

Hanging mirrors create the illusion of space by reflecting our existing space back to us. We enjoy hanging them side by side like a grid or getting a large piece altogether.

Bold Wall Art

While mirrors can serve as wall art (especially those with ornate frames), don’t let them keep you from exploring other options that you can hang on your wall. Bold or oversized art pieces, for instance, can serve as a focal point to veer attention away from the actual size of the space.

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Don’t Let the Drapes Hit the Floor

Drapes hitting the floor suggests that your ceiling is too low. So are curtains hung at window level? Fortunately, there are easy solutions to avoid these issues. First, don’t let the end of your drapes hit the floor. It’s easy to trim or hem it to the right length, after all. Next, you can hang your windows higher than your windows as well. Again, the intention is to make your ceilings look higher.

Space-Saving Furniture

Optical illusion techniques are not the only design tips we have for you. We want to share a more pragmatic approach as well. One tip is to furnish your room with space-saving and multi-tasking pieces. This can also apply to appliances and other bigger interior items.

For instance, you might want to consider getting a stationary bike compared to an elliptical machine. On the other hand, a bed with built-in drawers can serve as both a closet and a sleeping surface in tight spaces.

Get Creative

Consider alternative furniture pieces as well. A hammock makes a nice and comfortable spot to lounge in but it doesn’t occupy floor space. We’ve also noticed murphy beds making a comeback.

Built-in Shelving Around Bedding

You know what can frame your murphy bed so nicely whenever it is pulled up? Proper shelving. Not only does this create an illusion of height, but it also offers an economical solution to save on floor space.

Exposed Legs on Your Furniture

Finally, keep in mind that furniture without legs will look stumped. On the other hand, those with exposed legs would seem taller that can make the entire room seem more spacious than it is.

Sum up

Don’t let your small space limit you with your interior design options. There are techniques to make your space look and feel wider and taller such as the ones we have shared with you above. Happy styling!

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