3 Ways to Keep Your Roof in Great Shape

If you want to keep rain and other harsh environmental elements from getting into your home and wreaking havoc you should have a sturdy roof that gives you adequate protection from debris, moisture, and unwanted pests. With the right care, your roof can last you for many years and remain free of damages throughout its lifetime. You can keep your roof in better shape and prevent problems that may be costly to fix if you follow these three roof care tips.

Don’t Skip Inspections

It’s generally recommended that you inspect your roof twice a year, and the spring and autumn seasons are usually the most ideal times of year to perform this task. When an inspection is conducted in the spring or fall, any problems that are discovered can be addressed before the more intense heat or cold of the summer or winter arrives.

An inspection can identify many problems that often require immediate attention to prevent further roof damage. If your roof has shingles, an inspection can reveal missing shingles that should be replaced. Damaged sealant and missing or damaged flashing can also be identified during an inspection. An inspection also provides a good opportunity to check the conditions of the gutters and chimney. If you don’t want to inspect your roof yourself, roofing professionals, like Pelican Roofing, can be hired to check your roof’s condition.

Maintain a Clean Roof

A clean roof can make your entire home look much nicer and also prevent certain problems that could shorten your roof’s lifespan. Algae, moss, and other growth can erode the roof’s material, and cleaning away the growth can prevent leaks and other roof damages. Thorough roof cleanings can also eliminate bugs and other pests that might be trying to make their homes on your roof and damage the roof’s materials in the process.

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Roof cleaning is often done with pump-up sprayers and pressure washers that are safe for roofs. However, if you don’t have the proper cleaning or safety equipment to manage the task yourself, professionals who offer roof cleaning services can be hired to clean your roof.

Keep Adjacent Branches Trimmed

Any tree branches that are near your roof should be kept trimmed so that they don’t break off and leave dents, holes, or other damage on the roof. You should be especially concerned about large branches that are above your roof and could break off and collapse on the roof during a storm or when the tree gets old.

Trying to trim branches that are close to your roof can be a risky endeavor, and one wrong move could send a large branch toppling onto your roof and leaving major damage. Arborists who have the proper trimming equipment and know the correct ways to trim tree branches near roofs can do the work safely.

The condition of your roof can make a big difference in your home’s overall quality. Maintaining your roof should be a top priority so that your roof will have a better chance of withstanding the test of time.

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