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3 Tips for Selecting Art for Your Home

Art is, by its very nature, unique and subjective. We all have our own unique styles, preferences, and tastes. So as you design and decorate the rooms in your home, it’s a good idea to be closely involved in the process of choosing artwork. In doing so, you can contribute to the finished look in a meaningful way.

The Importance of Art in the Home

Art is an integral part of what it means to be human. While there are many insects and animals capable of “creating” art, the ability to enjoy the aesthetic of good art is something that makes humans human.

Art is more than a placeholder on your walls or an expression of your personality – it has a very real impact on your emotional health and well-being. Here are two specific benefits:

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on artwork to enjoy benefits like these. You do, however, need to intentionally select the right piece of art for each space in your home.

How to Select The Perfect Piece

Selecting the perfect piece of art is a very subjective endeavor. However, with a little planning and purpose, you can make good choices that positively impact your home’s design – and simultaneously impact your mental and emotional health for the better.

Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Pay Attention to the “Vibe”

Every house has its own vibe. And the neat thing about having different rooms in the home is that each room can have its own vibe. That means one room can be relaxing and another can be energizing. One room can be fun and another room can be sophisticated. And art has a major influence on how people feel in different rooms.

While most people pay attention to the living room and master bedroom, the kitchen is a room that doesn’t get much focus, in terms of art. But considering that the kitchen is the central gathering spot of the entire home, you must take art seriously in this space. Since there’s typically limited wall space in a kitchen, we recommend going with smaller pieces that complement the cabinetry, hardware, and backsplash.

“The bathroom is another room that often gets neglected with art. The artwork you choose should go with the vibe of the bathroom,” interior design consultant Mai Dolinh writes. “For example, if it’s a powder room on the main level, you should stick to more fun and bright pieces. If it’s a master bath, go with more serene or calming pieces.”

There’s obviously a lot of personal preference involved in the selection of art, but just remember how important it is to make intentional decisions, even in the smallest of spaces.

2. Choose the Right Style

While art can create a different vibe in each room, you may find it helpful to stick with one style throughout your home. This will create a sense of stylistic cohesion.

A contemporary or modern theme is very popular among homeowners and leaves a lot of room for creative expression within each room. Explore art in this niche and discover a wealth of options for your own home.

3. Take Color Seriously

The average homeowner thinks about color in terms of “matching.” But in reality, color decisions should go much deeper than that. Spend some time studying color psychology and the power different tones have to conjure up specific emotions and feelings in the brain. You can then use this information to your advantage and select art that helps you achieve the desired state.

Adding it All Up

Artwork in the home is more than an interior design statement. It actually has a psychological and emotional impact on how you think and feel. By being more intentional about the artwork you choose, you can create a more positive and uplifting place for your family to spend time. It’s time to take art seriously!

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