3 Small Vacation Rental Interior Design Changes That Make a Big Difference

The vacation rental market has become very saturated in the last couple of years. Because of that, it’s becoming harder and harder to make your vacation home stand out in the sea of other offers. However, certain competitive advantages can help with increasing your customer base. Besides fair prices, investing in your rental’s interior design will your bookings to the next level. Here are results from a recent study performed by Booking.com that will demonstrate how important vacation rental interior design actually is:

  • 39% of customers say that interior design is the most important factor when choosing a perfect vacation rental
  • 34% of travelers say that they prefer unique, inspirational décor
  • 47% of customers would rather stay in a holiday home over a hotel if that home had unique or unusual home décor

If you look at the Airbnb’s superhost section, you’ll notice how captivating most of the rentals are. Everything looks so coherent and cozy. Not to mention that such apartments make a great backdrop for stylish Instagram photos. If you’re a vacation rental owner and you’d like to up your game, here’s how to do it:

Find Room for Improvement

First off, you have to carefully analyze the apartment to see if there’s anything that needs to be fixed and to get a feel for the overall layout of the place. It’s always a good idea to check your feedback section and see if there are any complaints or suggestions. That can be a good guideline for what other customers may or may not like. It is crucial to cater to your customers because, without them, there wouldn’t be any business.

Then, find some forums, magazines, and websites that are meant for travelers. Those can be an amazing resource to get a deeper insight into the mindset of your customers. Customers always appreciate an additional effort and thought that had been put into making the space more noticeable and accessible.

Add Some Personality and Flair

Vacation rental interior design must be noteworthy. Clean white furniture, walls, and super-minimalistic decor are no longer enough. Try to create an appealing fantasy. There’s nothing more exciting than scrolling through vacation rental websites and seeing that one place that is just perfect. Customers often try to imagine themselves staying somewhere before actually booking the place. Create a place that they just can’t refuse.

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Add some interesting accents such as driftwood from the beach or a painting from a local artist. Use fun wallpapers or find someone to do a custom painting on your walls. Incorporate symbols, colors, or other things that are inspired by your culture. Another thing to consider is visiting vintage or second-hand shops. You can find true gems there! Also, get plants or flowers to liven up the whole apartment.

Make It Cozy and Comfortable

Finding a balance between stylish and comfortable can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. That balance is the key to having a superior vacation rental interior design. Customers are drawn to décor that would make them feel at home. Since they’re likely to spend multiple days or weeks there, you should ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed.

Comfort is also dependent on amenities. The whole purpose of vacation rentals is to find a home away from home. And what is home without all the necessities such as coffee makers, fridges, or even dishwashers? You will gain a lot of points for having these items available at your vacation rental. Although that’s not technically décor, it’s still an important part of interior design.

Additional Pro Tips and Tricks

  • If you lack inspiration, make sure to check websites such as Pinterest that have a wide array of interior design examples. You can create mood boards that will guide you through your decoration journey.
  • If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on décor, try out some DIY projects. Pinterest is full of great ideas and tutorials.
  • Choose items that are stylish but durable. Since many travelers will visit your vacation rental, things are bound to get damaged. By investing in higher-quality items, you’ll be saving a lot of dollars in the long run.
  • Hire an interior designer to help you out. They know how to make good use out of the available space and might have some good recommendations.
  • Don’t be afraid to use bold items and colors. Visitors love unique vacation rental interior design, and that will make you stand out easily.
  • Hire a cleaning service after every stay. Keeping your home consistently clean is imperative if you’d like to have great reviews.
  • Work with a professional photographer. Just like interior designers, they know how to accentuate the space and highlight the most appealing areas. Remember, the first thing that customers notice when looking for rentals is the pictures.
  • Use vacation rental software to increase and manage your bookings. This is especially useful for people who are renting multiple properties. You can use this software to avoid double bookings, communicate with customers, or even schedule cleaning and maintenance.

If you’d like to succeed in this industry, then you should never stop investing in your property – it is important to keep up with the latest standards and styles. Unique vacation rental interior design is the key to obtaining more bookings. Great decor will draw the customers in and make your rental very appealing and desirable. Everyone is looking for something exceptional, so make sure to give them what they want.

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