3 Reasons To Update To Motorized Window Coverings This Year

Despite having a rich and varied history throughout the ages, windows in themselves don’t usually have the ability to beautify your home and show-off the lushness that you feel your space affords. Unless they are stained glass or some other elaborate design, they are usually a more or less invisible element on a given home; this is why people turn to window coverings to enhance the aesthetics of their place of residence.

Although coverings are primarily used for the sake of privacy, functionality does not need to come at the expense of being visually delightful. Gone are the days when home owners only paid attention to things that served their basic needs. Today, window coverings come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Indeed, window coverings can be appreciated both inside and out.

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Current trends in window coverings are increasingly leaning towards minimalism by making use of simplistic, yet elegant, designs. This means drapery, jabots, and velvety canopies are no longer the taste for modern homes, which has partially led the way for the rise of motorized window coverings.

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There are many reasons why motorized window covers are so popular – not only are they futuristic and sleek, in the age of smart technology, motorization means absolute convenience; not only can you control the flow of natural light in your home from your phone, you can do so immediately and from any location in your home without having to get up.

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Additionally, motorization can help adjust your sleeping habits and attune you to the cycles of light and dark according to the season; indeed, having a timer open the blinds for you first thing in the morning can make waking up significantly easier. No matter how heavy a sleeper you may be, having natural light wash over you first thing in the morning is an excellent way to jumpstart your day.

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Motorized window coverings, moreover, have quiet tubular motors installed, which are powered by electricity. You can operate these motors by way of a wall mounted switch or a remote control. Another way to do so is by having it interfaced with your building management system, if you live in a condo or apartment.

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No doubt, having this kind of technology ought to be standardized at this point – but this isn’t the case. In other words, because motorized window coverings are, for the most part, uncommon, this means the property value of your home is invariably raised with the installation of this technology. Motorization, then, is an investment in the future, in multiple senses.

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Once you decided to embrace this kind of investment, it’s time to consider how to go about the design and implementation. Professional window coverings providers specialize in manufacturing and installing quality window coverings for your home and commercial spaces and are highly recommended – this kind of project isn’t usually of a DIY variety. You can choose from a broad range of covering options and most vendors are trained in the treatment of windows; they can therefore offer expert tips on how to go about maintaining the windows’ functionality and aesthetic appeal, which will surely reign over the world of interior design and maintain its popularity for years to come.

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