3 Keys for Choosing an Accent Bedroom Wall

Adding an accent wall to your bedroom can provide an eye-catching highlight for any planned or existing decor. Breaking up the flow of the room by painting one wall either a complementary color or a contrasting shade can also create the visual illusion of a larger space. Knowing which options will make the best accent can make designing the bedroom of your dreams that much simpler.

Selecting Colors that Pop

While it is possible to create a more subtle accent wall, doing so would defeat the whole purpose. Accent walls function by providing a bright and visually engaging contrast to the surrounding decor. While it is possible to go overboard by selecting colors that may be a little too vibrant, too much contrast is often better than too little. Matching the wall color by finding the opposite shade on a color wheel is a simple and effective way to find a complementary color that is sure to pop.

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Patterned Tile

Tile floors and other patterned surfaces can make selecting the right accent color a little trickier. Trying to match the tone of the decor rather than playing off a specific shade or color may be a better way to approach the situation. Adding further highlights to you accent wall with painting techniques like sponging, washing or a strié can create a more impactful highlight, one that will be more easily paired with patterned tile and other textured surfaces.

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Wallpapered Accent Walls

Adding wallpaper to just a single wall can create a stunning decorative accent. Focusing on just a single room can help to keep costs low while services that offer the best professional wallpaper New York installation can ensure that the process is convenient and hassle-free. From elegantly simple patterns to ornate designs and crazy color schemes, wallpaper can be the perfect alternative for those situations where you just can’t decide on a single color.

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Color Samples

Just because a color works in theory does not always mean you will be satisfied with the end results. A simple color swatch can give you a general idea of how well an accent might work with surrounding colors, but smaller samples often fail to recreate the more dramatic impact a wall will have once it has been fully-painted. Trying to find larger samples or even using poster boards, scrap lumber or other materials in order to create your own can give you a much better idea of what to expect.

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