3 Home Renovation Trends Expected to take off in 2022

2022 is well underway, and many people are growing increasingly keen on home improvement. In fact, a projection from Harvard University states that remodeling is expected to increase by 8.6% throughout the year. This statistic comes after Houzz revealed that spending on renovations went up by 15% in 2021.

For the year ahead, we’ve narrowed down the emerging trends on the cards, including an emphasis on eco-friendly aspects, versatile outdoor spaces and enhanced security. Read on for more details about refurbs on the rise in 2022.

1. Multifunctional rooms

While not strictly speaking a new trend, open-plan living became particularly popular as homeowner’s needs changed over the past few years. As home design writer Laura Koshel claims: “after spending more time working or studying from home, many homeowners realized that some of the spaces in their homes needed to be more flexible”.  Countless numbers of people will have accommodated some home office or remote working situation in their bedroom or lounge at some point in the past two years. The perks of flexible open-plan living are not just limited to work, but for eating and drinking, socializing, and much-needed downtime, However, it is also important to zone spaces effectively in order to get the most out of your environment.

Having dual-purpose rooms shouldn’t be limited to the rooms just mentioned though — in fact, it’s the kitchen that is getting some overdue attention in terms of its multifunctional potential. According to designers Harvey Jones, the open-plan linear kitchen, for example, can combine a “minimalist aesthetic” — a hallmark of modern styles — with integrated storage options and functionality. This could include a multi-purpose island that can serve as a space for dinner, preparation, doing homework or entertaining guests.

2. Sustainable features

Environmental awareness is only going to increase this year, with unstable weather patterns and the increased risk of natural disasters weighing on many people’s minds. To combat this, it’s becoming common for homeowners to pay greater attention to the sustainability of their homes. For example, more and more people will be repurposing materials such as wood, cork, steel and bamboo, as this helps reduce waste — especially if they are buying these supplies refurbished.

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Bamboo flooring for bathrooms, for instance, is an emerging trend that doesn’t compromise on style, while being free from toxic or single-use materials. Eco-friendly power options like solar panels are also growing more popular worldwide, with $170bn in investment anticipated over the next year globally.

There is even the rise of living walls, where renovators install live plants within the structure of your building. This serves not just to boost the air quality, but as a bold design statement that is highly sustainable and can improve the mood and wellbeing of those inside.

3. Improved safety

One of the watchwords for 2022 you may not have heard of yet is stealth security. In short, this is about boosting the overall safety of the household without making it obvious. With allegedly unpickable smart locks, for example, you will have added protection against break-ins, and, unlike traditional locks, they are able to open up automatically as you approach your house.

Enhanced safety goes beyond burglary, however. Cutting-edge fire safety technology improves the security of your household in a way that is efficient yet discreet. Innovations in smoke detection mean that new alarms are now available that can tell the difference between hazardous and non-hazardous smoke. This is because different types of smoke contain varying sizes of particles these alarms are able to distinguish.

However, as fire safety gurus Sertus maintain: “it’s critical to consider not just the mechanics of smoke detection, but the practical measures that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the danger”. Beyond impressive new alarms, you could also install fireproof storage, or purchase an eco-friendly fire extinguisher. If you have decided to install a fire pit in your garden, it is important that you keep all your grilling at least ten feet away from the house!

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