3 Fantastic Ideas for Decorating Your Garden

A garden is more than weeding and planting. There is a decorative aspect of landscaping that makes one yard unique to another. Here are three big ideas to get started in planning your garden’s next look.


Garden sculptures vary from being wires shaped like animals or people to being large windmills made of colored metal or glass. A sculpture, regardless of its size or style, brings life to every garden. It’s a piece of art that showcases the homeowner’s sense of style and personality. Any number of sculptures can be added to a yard and embellished or enhanced with a wall or fountain to create a more dramatic scenery.

Photo by Michael Callan Landscape Architect

The main tips are to make sure that the sculpture’s design and materials are safe for the yard. It should not interfere with your garden, not require a lot of expensive maintenance and last for a while before disintegrating. Choose the perfect location that is not too distracting but not too distant so no one notices a fine piece of art.


A fence is a practical structure that keeps out intruders and ensures privacy for the yard, but it is suitable for decorating. A fence has additional benefits that include creating a unique form and structure for the garden. A unique color or design makes it an extended part of your style and personality. Fencing is versatile and looks good in any shape, size, material, or design. A plain wood fence is simple enough to place around a small garden. A wire fence is ideal at keeping out large animals and comes in different decorative designs.

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Photo by Giulietti Schouten Weber Architects

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting allows you to illuminate the entire yard, including the garden, pool, gazebo, or any other major feature. Installing the lights is mostly a creative endeavor that showcases your ability to combine a creative eye with technical expertise. At night, lighting creates a brand-new atmosphere that looks very different from how it looks during the day. Installing lights is your opportunity to make your garden stand in unique ways that no one has ever seen before.

Photo by Sigrid Morgan Landscape Architecture LLC

It’s recommended that gardeners plan the works of art from top to bottom. They must work on their gardens continuously and continue finding new ideas for improvement. Whether you plan to start in spring or in the middle of winter, there are thousands of great ideas available to assist you in planning your next project.

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