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3 Essential Dental Hygiene Tips for Globetrotters

Travel is high on a lot of people’s lists of lifetime goals. It is an exhilarating experience, allowing you to explore new places, appreciate different cultures and try new cuisines. Whether you’re going travelling for 3 weeks as a first time backpacker or 3 months, during this time you must take care of yourself as best as you can. In some countries and destinations, healthcare isn’t as easily accessible and things such as drinking water or extreme temperatures can cause you to feel quite unwell.

Whilst upset stomachs are common in travellers, another thing which is often high on the list of emergency medical visits abroad is dental complaints. It’s easy to put good dental hygiene practices on the back burner when travelling, but if left untreated or if not focused on, then can develop into a costly visit to an emergency dentist when travelling. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 3 essential dental hygiene tips for travellers and globetrotters.

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

When you pack for your travels, you might find yourself simply slipping your toothbrush into your toiletry bag amongst your other items. But, do you know how clean your toiletry bag is? When was the last time you cleaned it after a trip? Before packing your toiletries, give the bag a wipe over with a disinfectant wipe and leave it to completely dry.

You should also avoid keeping your toothbrush enclosed in a wet or damp environment, as this can cause bacteria to grow, which you will then put into your mouth when brushing. Where possible, let your toothbrush dry out before packing it away again or consider getting a toothbrush case, which allows air to get to the bristles to dry them out and ensures your toothbrush stays protected during your travels.

Use Bottled Water

There are many countries around the world where it is recommended that travellers avoid consuming or drinking tap water in any form, including when brushing your teeth. Remember, not every country has water sanitation standards as high as others, so it is recommended that you avoid using tap water when brushing and rinsing your teeth. It might seem extreme, but doing this can stop you from getting seriously ill and potentially ruining your trip!

Keep Emergencies In Mind

You never know what might happen, and emergencies tend to have the habit of springing up out of the blue. With that in mind, be sure to have some painkillers to hand should you get any sudden toothache. It’s also important to check your travel insurance before you leave – some policies don’t cover emergency dental care, so check that yours does as standard. You may also wish to do some quick research on the dental care availability in the destinations where you are going beforehand, just so you know roughly which areas you can find emergency care if needed. If you do experience any issues with your mouth, teeth or gums whilst travelling, it’s always good to arrange a check up with your dentist in Wakefield upon your return.

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