3 Basic Types of Lighting Solutions Provided by Lighting Companies

Lighting in interior plays a vital role in determining not the apt scope of workability, safe moving ability, clear vision, but also adequate light for as per requirement in every zone of the house. You generally need to do a multi-dimensional range of tasks in a house, starting from cooking, doing computer work, to reading stories at bed, studying, craft work, relaxation, watching TV in entertainment hall, etc. and it goes without mention that each and every task performed within a house demands for different and specific lighting solutions by the lighting companies.

The new generation has changing needs and specific choices for the lighting solution of their house. The energy saving lights, designer ones, smart fit types have all compelled the lighting companies to come up with different lighting options in the market. While there are numerous choices now available in the market, lighting solutions are simplified and segregated into three simple distinguished categorizations.

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Ambient Lighting

The primary purpose of ambient lighting which is also known as overall lighting is to light up the entire room so as to promote completely clear vision and ease movements and navigation within the room.  This is the reason why ambient lighting is generally powerful enough to emit strong light all around and enhance visual support.

  • Ambient lighting offers comprehensive brightness; however, it does not offer glaring light that might lead to headaches.
  • Ambient lightings are mostly strong, powerful, reliable as well as durable, since these lighting are absolutely necessary within any interior.
  • While considering ambient lighting for your interiors there are certain factors which need to be kept in mind in order to select the best light, like size of the room, amount of natural light, etc.
  • Nowadays lighting companies have come up with a wide and extensive range of decorative and elegant ambient lighting options, fixture types so as to add in a touch of interest and sense of happiness even in the lightings of the interiors.

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Some of the most common fixture patterns by lighting companies which offer better ambient lightings are:

  • Wall mounted or ceiling mounted fixture
  • Chandelier
  • Down light
  • Floor light
  • Table lamp
  • Track light

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Accent Lighting

This is typically a highlighting light used purposely to enhance the effect of a specific area, wall, a point of interest and thereby achieve a desired decorative effect.

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  • Ambient lighting creates an impression of a larger space.
  • Attracts the attention to a specific point of interest, like a wall, a sculpture, a plant, etc.

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Fixtures generally used by lighting companies to acquire accent lighting include:

  • Down light
  • Directional recessed fixture
  • Track lighting
  • Wall mounted fixture.

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Task Lighting

There are many rooms and zones in the house where a particular type of task is conducted, rather these areas are dedicated for a particular task, like sewing, studies, kitchen, computer desk, etc. where in order to accomplish the particular type of work, you need strong, focused and powerful light. Since all these tasks demand for better, enhanced and comfortable visual ease, the demand for lighting also needs to be focused on the area, like under cabinet lights, bollard lights, etc.

  • It is preferable to avoid lights that cast shades which can disturb normal visibility, or clarity of vision.
  • The lights should be particularly soothing to eyes and not harsh at all.
  • Task lighting should be independent from the ambient or accent lighting of the room. You can install a direct switch to switch on the task light and use it when you are actually working in the area.

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Types of fixture preferred for task lighting provided by lighting companies are:

  • Portable lamps
  • Desk lamp
  • Down light
  • Pendant lighting
  • Directional recessed fitting

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