2021: 4 Trends For Commercial Architecture

In 2021, the trends that were traced in 2020 continued to be followed in commercial architecture including an emphasis on innovative technical solutions, the predominance of durable architectural elements, and vectors for conscious consumption.

As in any era, architecture now sensitively reflects social sentiments. The events of recent years, if not decades, clearly set the direction of the development of society, which also affects the design of exteriors: careful consumption of natural resources, the use of recycled materials (recyclable materials), and an increasing bias towards alternative energy sources.

Eco Style

According to Britannica, eco-style in architecture and exterior design began to actively gain momentum several years ago. As a result, by 2020-2021, respect for the environment, the desire for natural design solutions, and the use of natural materials have reached their apogee.

For example, it is now very popular to plant greenery in commercial buildings with plants, and such solutions are used to transform both roofs and vertical surfaces, for example, facades. Moreover, more and more innovative technologies contribute to the development of eco-style. PassivDom has become one of such discoveries. Read more about PassivDom and find out its peculiarities.

Another striking manifestation of eco-style is the return of the popularity of natural and recycled materials in construction and building decoration. Also, more and more builders and developers, to minimize environmental damage, are thinking about switching to environmentally friendly technologies, natural raw materials, including revising business logistics.


Perhaps this is what is almost the main aspect of any successful developer – they are known as the creators of multifunctional architectural objects that combine residential, retail, entertainment, and workspaces. This trend is associated with the fast pace of life and the desire to get as much service as possible while saving time and energy. This means that we are not talking about the trend of one year, but about the steady demand for it from developers and consumers.

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The continuation of the trend towards multifunctionality is becoming a redevelopment. In modern large cities, there is an acute shortage of building space, so territories occupied by industrial and other objects that have lost their relevance are an unforgivable luxury. Abandoned factories, warehouses, depots around the world are being rebuilt, filled with new functions, becoming residential apartments, office and entertainment centers, and public areas.


If redevelopment fills buildings with new functions, then restoration returns them to their historical appearance. In 2020, several important restorations were completed or started: in Zurich, after a large-scale restoration, the legendary Le Corbusier pavilion was opened, in New York – the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), which was reconstructed and expanded by almost a third according to the project of the Diller Scofidio + Renfro bureau and Gensler.

And, of course, one of the main events of the last year is the terrible fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, which destroyed the spire of the building. The real drama continues to unfold around this situation. So, recently, the chief architect for the restoration of the cathedral, Philippe Villeneuve, and the general Jean-Louis Georzhlan, who was responsible for the reconstruction, disagreed: Villeneuve sees the new spire of the cathedral the same as the old one, and Georzhlan insists on making it more modern. This question – maintaining the balance of old and new – is one of the most acute in modern architecture.

Industrial style

The industrial style in architecture and art continues the tradition of constructivism. Unlike the high-tech style close to him, which also took the ideas of constructivism as a basis, the industrial style does not seek to smooth out the sharp corners, but, on the contrary, emphasizes them. Now such a style has become trendy. More and more commercial designs appeal to that style. And more architects are getting approval from the customers to come up with the whole idea. If you are interested in such services you can always check commercial design at Engre.co and find the most experienced workers in this sphere.

The industrial style has become more flexible in 2021, making it easy to adapt to private homes of any size. Modern trends towards conciseness and environmental friendliness have allowed such residential buildings to become one of the most popular. They are distinguished by clear interior ideas, perfect symmetry and a flat roof, wide panoramic windows, balconies, terraces, recreation areas, garages, natural materials for facade decoration – brick, concrete, glass, metal, wood, stone.

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