2020 Wedding Trends All You Need To Know

Every new year brings about new trends in all aspects of our life. That means wedding-wise as well. Weddings are highly personal, and there isn’t a wedding that’ll fit everyone’s taste.

Every couple wants to add something of their own to their special day. Experts have spoken and they reveal what trends are to follow in 2020. They expect the weddings to be eco-friendlier and more sustainable, they expect huge floral arrangements as well as fresh potted plants and even trees, self-service food and drink bars combined with mostly vegetarian and vegan menus, the brides wearing Victorian and embroidered dresses as well as the happy couple riding in retro wedding cars.

Read on to learn about wedding trends in 2020.

An eco-friendly wedding

One of the first and most popular wedding trends for 2020 include a sustainable, eco-friendly wedding. As sustainability as a hot topic has taken over the lead in many areas of our lives, so did in the wedding area as well.

People are starting to realize that it’s important to maintain a certain level of eco-friendliness in all possible aspects. But what does this actually mean? Nowadays, there are so many eco-friendly and yet stylish and elegant wedding options available. For example, people are searching for ways to exclude plastic from weddings, and they have succeeded by suggesting some other, reusable alternatives.

For the decoration, more and more couples are opting for fresh, locally grown, potted flowers and trees to use in their wedding instead of cut flowers. The eco-friendly plan is to plant these flowers after the wedding or to give them as gifts to guests.

Essentially, the time of single-use materials has passed and many couples are choosing reusable options as far as the materials are concerned. Other environmentally friendly options include paper or bamboo straws, petal confetti and locally produced wines.

Huge floral arrangements

Another trend for the upcoming 2020 includes huge floral arrangements but not placed as table centerpieces. Instead, the new year brings us new trends. And these trends suggest placing these enormous floral arrangements above the tables, on ceilings, walls and along the aisles.

In this way, the centerpieces won’t be blocking the guests from talking to each other when they’re seated one across the other. The so-called floral clouds have gained their popularity during this year and the trend is expected to follow in the next year as well along with suspended lighting and statement chandeliers.

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A voluminous and textured floral cloud can be made of different plants and flowers such as pampas grass, ferns, dried gypsophila, heads of hydrangea and smoke tree branches, sprayed with colour and combined with wildflowers it will look great hanging from the ceiling.

Self-service drink bars

A more casual approach to weddings in the new year is achieved by self-serving food and drink bars. More and more couples are opting for self-service bars, beer taps and ’70s style cocktail bars.

These features often include items such as buckets, bathtubs, hollowed logs and wheelbarrows filled with ice and bottles of beer or pre-mixed signature cocktails, placed somewhere at the reception. Even though this might seem like an expensive wedding feature, it doesn’t have to be. These drink stations can easily be assembled as a DIY project.

You just need to find a local brewery that sells kegs, a wide plank to place over the barrels, drinks, glasses, ice – and voila, you have your own self-service bar!

Retro wedding ride

And what is a wedding without a proper wedding ride? Recent practices and trends have shown that there’s been an increase in the demand for the wedding car hire packages and the trend is expected to follow through the next year as well.

These packages are very convenient as they tend to include multiple cars that can be used by a group of people. People usually hire retro cars for vintage appeal and some popular options include a Royal Princess Limousine, a Jaguar Mark V Sedan, a Rolls Royce Convertible and a Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine, among others. Hiring such a ride can really make your special day even more special.

Vegetarian & vegan menus

Vegetarian and vegan menus are becoming more and more common at wedding receptions worldwide. The reasons for this occurrence are many, starting from the environmental aspect and the fact that more and more people are choosing the vegan and vegetarian way of life.

What’s more, the choice of vegan and vegetarian food has become quite diverse and extensive, providing some delicious meals. This year has seen quite a few all-vegan and vegetarian menu weddings, and the same is expected in 2020.

These are just some of the top wedding trends for the upcoming year, there are many more. So, if your special date is due next year, do your research and find out about the recent happenings in the world of weddings. And then decide what trends you are to follow, what to adjust and what to avoid at all costs.

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