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2019 Wedding Trends for a Wedding All of Your Guests Will Talk About

So, you are planning a spectacular wedding, but you do not know how to make it trendy and one-of-a-kind? You want your friends and family to be amazed, and you want everybody to go home thinking “I wish I had thought of that idea!”? However, the pressure of planning a wedding is tremendous, thanks to social media and sites like Pinterest. If you truly want to stand out of the crowd and make your wedding unique, you will need to think outside of the box and pick up on some of the hottest trends of the year.

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings which follow a boring script from the entrance to the bridal party; embrace the newest trends of 2019 and dare to be different. If you are still hesitant on completely ditching the traditional, try going for a combination of the old ways and incorporate some new additions. Without further ado, here are the hottest wedding trends of 2019.

1. Gold wedding dresses

The number one wedding trend in 2019 has to do with every bride’s main concern-the bridal gown. Even though a lot of women still consider white the go-to color for a wedding dress, it is safe to say that fashion experts consider gold as the newest trend. First and foremost, a lot of people might be confused as to how golden these trendy dresses are-is beige trendy, or are we talking about a pure gold hue? Truthfully, the trend is varied, and it refers to gold in terms of different shades of beige and traditional gowns with gold accents. However, many designers chose to display their newest bridal gowns which show off vibrant golds and deeper bronze shades. The only issue with this trend is that it might be difficult finding the right one, due to the fact that a lot of designers still only feature the traditional white gowns. However, a clever bride will find ways to get her hands on one of the hottest trends there is in 2019, so get ready to be drenched in gold!

2. Pastels and corals

Next thing on the list the future bride and groom need to think about is the overall color scheme of the wedding. In 2019, experts think that there will be more and more newlyweds who choose vibrant and delicate shades rather than the traditional white. Delicate pastel shades such as blush, baby pink and cream are some classics that never go out of style, but it is definite that the bold newlywed couple will have to step up their game if they want to leave their guests pleasantly surprised. In fact, every year, the US company named Pantone (famous for its color matching system) chooses a color which rules over the fashion trends worldwide. In 2019, the color worth a mention is living coral. So, get ready to mix delicate pink and orange coral tones with a touch of pure white to create the most optimistic and harmonious atmosphere at your wedding reception.

3. Smoke bomb photography

Even though it is not a recent trend, smoke bomb photography crept its way into the year of 2019. Not only do they make your guests go crazy with excitement, but smoke bombs are one of the best ways to add a fun blast of color to your special day. Of course, a single glance at Pinterest or Instagram and it is easy to see why smoke bombs have taken over the photography world. The smoke can be used to create a magical background, add mesmerizing atmosphere and even achieve a captivating effect. Another important tip is to hire a reliable and professional photographer such as Grey Area Productions. In fact, this step is crucial in order to make sure that every tiny moment of your big day is captured for eternity.

4. Destination weddings

A favorite among trends is the one and the only, the destination wedding. Usually, these types of weddings are more intimate than standard ones, and they involve a lot more decoration and staging. For example, a popular choice among newlyweds is The Big Island in Hawaii. As its name implies, the Big Island is the largest island in the area and it is certainly one of the most magical ones. Guests will love it; there is an option of exploring the rain forests, going horseback riding or even snorkeling. On the flip side, newlyweds who prefer the mountainside usually choose destinations such as Aspen in Colorado. Presenting a seemingly perfect mix of posh and rustic, the area charms everyone with its natural beauty. Of course, make sure to consult with your travel agency and book the best suitable option for you and your guests. Most importantly, have fun!

In sum, whether it is a destination wedding or smoke bombs, it is certain that some things will never go out of trend. All in all, figure out what you like the best and make your wedding entirely unique.

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