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2016 Trends: Home Interior and Exterior Design Ideas for Newbies

Home designing takes creativity, conscious thought, effort, and time. First-time homeowners might find the entire process of decorating and designing both the interior and exterior of the home challenging, if not frustrating. Although some might enjoy the planning and the creativity involved, others might be at their wit’s end with home designing.

However, newbies can still design their home like a pro by following home interior and exterior trends. This keeps their home up-to-date and stylish. Here are the 2016 trends to inspire you on your journey:

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Interior Design Trends

Your home’s interior should feel homey and comfortable. This is the space where you can be your most creative but also make sure that the design matches your home and your family’s lifestyle. Add a few of these things into your interior and make it look more expensive than it actually is:

Pendant lights

2016 is the year where pendant lights are shining bright. Although the classic chandelier is still a staple, pendant lights create a statement within your space. There are different pendant lights to choose, you can go for the timeless copper or glass lights. If you are looking into making your space look fun and colorful, there are colored pendant lights to match your walls.

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Mixed metals

Metallic sheen is all the rage now. It’s about the blings in your living room or bedroom. No matter what metallic material you go for, be it copper, gold, steel, or platinum, there’s no right answer. You can mix and match them for a more creative look.

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Granny floral prints

This 2016, most of the top interior designers are into big billowy floral prints all over the home. They have taken cue from the runways and have reinvented this trend for the home with blooming floral prints.

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Marble accents

Make your home look expensive and classy with marble accents. You don’t have to put an entire slab of marble on your wall or table. You don’t even have to spend your entire wallet on marble. The key here is subtlety. Purchase affordable marble pieces, be it coasters, clocks, or planters. You don’t have to go overboard. Smaller pieces are easier to style and can be matched with almost anything.

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Exterior Trends

Your home’s exterior is another thing that you should give thought to. This is the first thing that your guests see when coming up to your home. So, try to make a good first impression with a well-designed home exterior.

Transom windows

If you are still able to do a bit of renovation to your home, adding transom windows can create a feel of elegance. A transom window is a set of smaller windows above your regular window. This trend is becoming more popular and is a source of more natural light and an open-air feel. These windows also fit any home style so you are not worried with it not fitting your home’s architecture. Homes with this type of windows are also selling high in the market.

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Artsy details

Crafty details in the home are becoming more popular. This trend is something that any newbie can do without blowing a hole into one’s pocket. It’s all about the interesting details. Choose crafty umbrellas for your garden.

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Natural stones and bricks

Going natural is a trend that has been going on in the recent years. Styles and designs are now leaning into natural materials. Both stones and bricks can be used together to create a lux look. Opt for a stone walkways and even brick driveways for this natural kind of feel in your home.

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Low-maintenance plants and items

With most homeowners now becoming busier than ever, homes with low-maintenance items and plants are now preferred. Fiberglass doors and windows are more durable compared to the vinyl ones. Plants like Jules Verne peony and velvet cloak smoke tree add color to your landscape without requiring maintenance.

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