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17 Examples of Street Art

Some people do a great job when it comes to street art and cleverly incorporating the environment that complements their artwork perfectly.The creativity you will see is impressive. Enjoy the examples …

Mural by Natalia Rak at Folk on the Street in Poland


Chalk Art by David Zinn – A Collection


Street Art by Pejac – A Collection


By Smates – In Brussels, Belgium


By TASSO in Meerane, Germany



Street Art by C215


By SOKRAM – In Ordes, Galiza, Spain

source; source

By A’SHOP at Mural Festival – In Montreal, Canada

By A’SHOP at Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada. Photo by Kris Murray

Street Art by Bordalo Segundo in Portugal

By Bordalo Segundo in Portugal

By Seth – In Paris, France

By Seth. In Paris, France. Photo from Street Art Paris.

Street Art by CASE – In Wittenberg, Baden-Württemberg

By CASE in Wittenberg, Baden-Württemberg

Vertical Garden – By Patrick Blanc in Madrid, Spain

 By Patrick Blanc in Madrid, Spain

Street Art by DMS in Catanzaro, Italy


Street Art by Wes21 – In Biel, Switerland

By Wes21 in Biel, Switerland

Street Art by 0331C

By 0331C

By Man o Matic

On Facebook. By Man o Matic

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