16 Traditional Recipes of Delicious Macedonian Dishes

The Macedonian recipes are very diverse. Thanks to the enormous number of ingredients that are found in this country. In Macedonian cusine we use everything, from fruits, vegetables and dairy products to the various types of meats. The originality of the Macedonian dishes is assured by the development of the cooking techniques and by the use of the local ingredients. The Macedonian cuisine contains recipes for each course of a meal: appetizers, soups, meat dishes, salads, vegetarian dishes, desserts and snacks Tavce Gravce Via diethood.com Ajvar Via easteuropeanfood.about.com Stuffed Pepper (Polneti Piperki) podravka.com / Rolls ( Sarma) theamian.blogspot.com / Via macedonia-timeless.com Rolls ( Sarma) source Kebapi  Via choosy-beggars.com Oval Shaped Fried Dough Pie (Pastrmajlija) muVia healthyfoodwelcome.com Puff Pastry (Burek) source Potato-Based Dish (Musaka) Via diethood.com Turli Tava Via mymacedoniankitchen.com breakfast (Mekici)   Via bezbog.com Selsko Meso Via macedonia-timeless.com Kachamak source /source / Via grabandgorecipes.com Zelnik source / Via coolinarika.com Potato Stew (Kompir Mandza) Via healthyfoodcorner.com Macedonian salad-Shopska salad-Makedonska Salata-Shopska Salata source Urnebes salad (Urnebes Salata) source/source