15 Ways to Reuse Old T-shirts

T-shirts are that piece of clothing that is always looked forward to by everyone. They are very comfortable to wear. We all have plenty of t-shirts in our closet that we don’t need anymore. We simply still own them either because they remind us of something or someone, or we forget to get rid of them. We understand that it’s difficult to part with something we are attached to. So instead of letting them sit in your storage or clutter your drawers, recycle and reuse them to create something useful.

Reuse and repurpose is a great way to live an economical life. Giving a distinct cause to stuff that are no longer in use not only saves money but also helps the environment by reducing waste and landfill. There are plenty of mind-blowing ways to reuse old t-shirts. Keep reading this blog to learn 15 ways to reuse old t-shirts.

Tote Bag:

Have you ever thought that your old graphic t-shirt can be used to make a great tote bag? If not, then we are here to tell you that nothing is really impossible. You can definitely transform your old tee into a tote bag. To create a t-shirt tote bag, you just need to cut off your t-shirt neck (wider), sleeves, and two inches long strip into the bottom of the shirt. Pair up the strips, and join together each pair to create a safe button. Tada—you have got a new tote bag for your next trip.


Pillows are great options to add personality to your space. T-shirt pillows are very easy to create and can also be used for office couches. To create a t-shirt pillow, you need to cut the sides and sleeves of the t-shirt. Now turn over the front and back parts of the pillow and sew the cut edges. Stuff it and stitch it.

Braided Belt:

Braided belts are those accessories that can be worn with both jeans and dresses. These belts look really stylish and can be great gifts too. To create a braided belt, you need to have a big-sized seamless t-shirt. The wider the shirt is, the longer will be the belt. Cut the edges of the bottom of your t-shirt. Now, cut ¾ inch strips along the width of the t-shirt. To stretch the strips, tug them gently. Cut the strips so that instead of loops, you have three long pieces. Tie a knot at one side of the strips and lock it with a heavy object. Braid the fabric length and use another knot to secure the ends. TADA! Create a unique fashion statement with your new recycled t-shirt braided belt.

Fringe Skirt:

The trend of fringes is ruling the fashion industry. The beauty of this trend lies in its softness. If you are someone who wants to make a statement with this trend at a low cost, then you can do that by turning your old t-shirt into a fringe skirt. To create a fringe skirt, you need to cut the neckline of your tee. Cut through the lower band of your t-shirt as per the required length of the skirt. Slip the upper cut-off portion over the bottom and pin around the upper edge. Cut the piece of elastic according to the size of the waist. Sew the elastic over the skirt waist. Now to create fringes, cut your t-shirt carefully into long fringed segments.


A t-shirt rug? If you’re not aware of how possible and easy this is to create, let us tell you that a t-shirt rug looks super cool. To create a t-shirt rug, you first need to cut your t-shirt from below the armpits. Fold your t-shirt and cut it into strips. Make sure you leave a one-inch allowance and create thicker strips. Now open your t-shirt. Ball up your yarn. Start braiding and then wrap the braid clockwise or anticlockwise. Sew your braids together and your new braided masterpiece is ready.

Turban Headband:

A few years back, headbands made a huge comeback, and the trend has continued to make regular fashion appearances among women of all ages. With your old t-shirts, you can also create a stylish headband. To create a t-shirt turban band, you need to cut the bottom seam and the area below the armpits of your t-shirt. Now cross the leftover fabric and twist it twice. To keep the twisted portion at the center, fold the fabric in half, just like a bow. Wear it just like the way you want.

Knotted Necklace:

Necklaces are one piece of jewelry that adds instant pop to an outfit, completes the look, and adds style to a basic ensemble. If you love to accessorize, then wearing a knotted t-shirt necklace could be a fun way to express yourself. To create a knotted necklace, you need to cut your t-shirt and braid it up in a beautiful design. Once you reach the desired length, take one strand, wrap it around the braid and knot it firmly. Take another strand and slide a ring. Over the braid, cross the strand with the ring and tie another knot. Except for one strand, cut off all the ends. Wrap that one strand around and around till it covers up the cut ends. Add a clasp to a ring and there you go. Your old t-shirt is now transformed into a fashionable necklace.

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Now that we have entered November, the countdown for Christmas is officially on. You must have started planning what presents to give to your loved ones. A homemade quilt can be a great gift for your loved ones. To create a quilt, you may require at least 30-35 t-shirts. Set your t-shirts the way you want them to appeal to the eyes and click a picture of it. Now cut out the t-shirts in the right size. You can use cardboard cuttings and place them on every t-shirt to cut them out with precision. Iron your t-shirts and sew them together. Congratulations! You’re done! Do you like the idea and want to create a quilt with unique tshirt designs? Take some inspiration from Designhill.

Plant hanger:

Plant hangers are a great way to decorate your inner area creatively.  To create plant hangers with your t-shirt, you need to cut your t-shirt into various strips. Grab all the pieces and tie a knot on one side. Don’t tighten the knot too much. Now take strands in a set of two and knot them together. Repeat this pattern for the remaining knot groups. Once you are done, it will look like a bunch of diamonds. Now place your pot in the plant holder and tie a knot above. Now hang it at your favorite area.


There are a lot of brands that charge huge amounts for simple dresses. Why pay extra when you can create a simple and beautiful dress with your old t-shirt? To create a no-sew t-shirt dress, you would be requiring a large sized t-shirt. Cut the neck to fit your chest and fold the sleeves into your chest. And you are all set for a beach day. If your t-shirt is a little plain and you want to wear the same dress for a night party, you can add a nice piece of bold jewelry to your outfit.


An apron is something we all require while cooking. To create an apron with your old t-shirt, cut off the armpits towards the collar. Now turn your t-shirt and cut the back collar of the t-shirt. Cut from one armpit to the other along the back. Now get rid of the surplus cloth. Cut up each side leaving 3 inches connected. Start on the left side with the t-shirt lying backside up, trim up just halfway, then cut along the shirt’s length. Snip up until you reach the end. This will turn your apron’s back piece into two ties.


Fabric flowers can make a great addition to your fashion accessories and home décor items. You can make these flowers in any color. The best part is that these won’t die. To create fabric flowers, make a circle onto a cardboard and cut it. Now use your cardboard stencils to draw fourteen circles onto your fabric.  Cut these circles. Put two fabric circles on top of one another and lock them together with a pin. Take four circles of fabric and fold each in half. Secure them with a pin. With the remaining eight circles, fold each into four parts and lock them again with a pin. Sew four quarters in the middle of your frame and the remaining four into the center and tie them off underneath. Fluff up the petals and you are done!


Pom-Poms are one great item that can be used as decoration during birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. To create pom-poms, cut your t-shirt into 2cm strips, seam to seam, and then trim the seams smoothly from each end. Now take some cardboard and draw two C-shapes of approximately 20cm in diameter. Cut the shapes. Put a strip of your t-shirt between these two cardboard templates and let the strip hang at each end. Wind the strips around the template. You can have either two or three layers. Slip the scissor at one end between the templates and slice them around the outside of the template. Now tie a knot and remove the template carefully.


A lot of people take coasters for granted. They don’t know that coasters not only help to keep the moisture off furniture but can also make one of the most useful home accessories. To create coasters with your old t-shirts, you need to first cut your t-shirt into strips. Braid the strips and tie a knot at the end. Now roll up the braided strips, adding a drop of glue in between as you go. Make sure that there are no gaps while rolling up the braid.


Lampshades are the perfect way to give a room a facelift. With the increasing demand, the prices of lampshades have surged rapidly. But the good news is that you can create your own lampshade by using your old t-shirt. To create a lampshade, you first need to figure out the size of the lampshade you want. Now choose the lampshade of your choice and cover it with your t-shirt. Use fabric glue to cover your t-shirt around the shade. Cut out the excess part of your t-shirt and your lampshade is ready!


Bagging up unwanted clothes is not a fun activity. But using them to make crafts is. So use your old t-shirts to make interesting crafts out of them. If you have any other ideas or if you have tried to create anything with your old t-shirt, share it with us in the comments section below.

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