12 Brilliant Ideas from Ancient Rome to Use in Modern Home Interiors

Looking for inspiration to decorate your home? We have shared 12 of the best ideas from Ancient Rome to renovate or decorate your modern home.

The significance of Roman civilization in modern art and architecture is unquestionable. The impact is so huge that even after 600 years, people still get inspiration from that time and want to integrate their artistic skills into the modern world.

Therefore, often people want to know how they can upgrade their home décor by using bits and pieces of this legendary period.

If you’re thinking about giving a new look to your home interiors, then you’re in luck. We’ve shared the top ideas in this article on how to add an ancient Roman touch to your home.

12 Ways to Incorporate Ancient Rome into a Modern Interior

The key is to insert pieces of history without making the home look outdated. Here are 12 ideas from Roman history that can be nicely incorporated into modern homes.

1. Arches

Arches are one of the greatest inventions of mankind. This remarkable invention was developed during Roman civilization. Most of the architectural structures of that era have arches.

Arches are used in modern days as well. They not only add the essence of the ancient Roman style to modern-day homes, but they also elevate a space, making it look more spacious.

2. Columns

Although the Greeks inspired the use of columns, they are greatly evident in the architecture of the Roman Empire as well. Columns of Roman architecture had some notable features, like detailed engravings.

Whether the columns had intricate or simple designs, they represent ancient civilization. Due to the distinctiveness of the columns, architects and interior designers often use them in modern architecture.

3. Wall Styles

Roman walls were made of blocks of concrete. They had textures and, in most cases, murals painted over them. To incorporate the look of Roman walls in recent times, you can do it in two ways. Either you can go for the concrete block look by adding textures and plain color. Or have an accent wall where you can paint a large mural replicating ancient Roman wall art.

The concrete look can be suitable for smaller spaces as it can make your home look more spacious. On the other hand, if you are an art lover and want a unique mural, then the second option will be ideal.

4. Mosaics

Apart from the usefulness of mosaics in Roman civilization, they were used as an art form as well. They would create different designs, portraits, scenarios, etc., using pieces of stones, glasses, tiles, marble, etc., and create mosaics. They would create an entire wall or floor of mosaics.

However, in modern times, mosaics can be used in certain parts of the home. Inspiration of Roman mosaics can be used in sink areas as a backsplash, in bathrooms, around pools, and fountains. Mosaics can provide a unique look in modern households.

5. Marble

Marble is another notable material of the Roman era. It was used for floors, walls, tables, and other parts of the home. The artisans of the time created patterns or designs using different colored marble.

In a modern house, marble can be used as countertops, tabletops, and in some cases, as accent walls.

6. Roman Shades

Roman shades do not instantly come to mind when you are trying to incorporate Roman touches into your modern home. Therefore, if you want something unique from that time period in your home, you can use the style of shades used during Roman civilization.

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You can replace generic curtains with some fabric shades that resemble the authentic shades of ancient Rome.

7. Bold Color Accents

Bold colors were prominent features in the Roman interior. They used bold colors on walls, floors, pillows, curtains, chairs, rugs, and other objects.

Although they had muted color tones or earth-toned colors in most things, they used bold colors to create contrast. Some of the popular colors were deep red or maroon, yellow, black, and green.

In today’s neutral and minimalistic interior, a pop of color is often used. Although this method might not be an iconic Roman touch, it still enhances the beauty of a room.

8. Sculptures

Sculptures have an irreplaceable value in the Roman Empire. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the Greek and Roman civilizations is their intricate and detailed sculptures. Realism reflects on the sculptures of that time, and they are still appreciated.

Even if you cannot get an original piece to elevate the aesthetics of your room, you can surely find sculptures or statues with similar content. Such showpieces are widely available due to their massive popularity.

9. Pedestals

The craftsmanship of the Roman era is apparent in different shapes and forms. They had pedestals that had similar intricacy to columns and sculptures.

In modern houses, they can be used in hallways, in living rooms, or as decorative pieces. You can add sculptures too, which will enhance the Roman aesthetics even further.

Pedestals take up very minimal space, yet they beautifully showcase the detailed designs, craftsmanship, and individuality.

10. Furniture

Every time period has its very own style of furniture, and the ancient Roman period is no exception. It is a good time to adapt their furniture style, as similar to now, they used a minimal amount of furniture. They were more fond of open spaces, making the space look bigger.

Although they had only a few pieces of furniture, they had detailed designs on the legs of tables, chairs, and sofas. Also, sofas also did not have backs, and that can look really nice in today’s interior.

11. Vessels

In ancient Rome, vessels were used to store food, water, or other ingredients. They are made of clay, and potters used them to express their creativity and craftsmanship.

In the modern household, vessels might not be used to store food items or other things, but they can be a nice accent or décor in any space.

12. Roman Artworks

These artworks focus on realism yet portray imagination. An art piece of this era can drastically change the aura of your home. Although it is unimaginable to get an authentic painting, you can easily find ones that resemble Roman paintings or are of a similar style.


You can get inspiration and add decor ideas from Ancient Rome, but remember that your home needs to be functional.

You can use as many of the given ideas as you desire. However, keep in mind not to turn your house into a museum by using too many historical pieces.

We hope you choose wisely from the 12 ideas from ancient Rome to use in modern interiors and create a fresh new look!

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