11 Ways to Visually Enlarge Small Rooms

Most people when planning the house arrangement face the problem of not having enough space, so the rooms are smaller than planned. This situation may not be possible to change, but there are ways to visually change the size of the room.

The floor and ceiling should be in bright color. This will make the illusion of a larger room.

If the room is bright, the colored floor  can make the room look taller and wider.

If the floor and the end wall are in the same color,the room will look wider.

The same color of the end wall and the ceiling.

You can increase the depth of the room with painted side walls in the same color.

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Use the bright color for the end wall.

If the problem is a low ceiling, you can paint 3 walls with a bright color. In this way the ceiling will look higher.

You can add some exterior wall decoration, brighter color, and more smaller details. In this way the room will look wider.

In some rooms the ceiling may look too high. Horizontal lines will reduce its height  of the room.

The vertical lines on the end wall have the opposite effect from the horizontal lines. They make the room look taller.

Horizontal lines on the floor will make the room look wider with reduced depth.

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