10 Wall Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Kitchen’s Look

As the new year rolls in, update your kitchen’s look using different types of wall décors. Here are some fresh ideas.

The perfect set of wall decors can transform a plain-looking kitchen and beautify it. By customizing your kitchen’s interior design, you can manifest your vision and heighten your motivation to cook for your loved ones. You can either create a rustic kitchen that embodies a relaxing atmosphere or an area that’s suitable for a modern and minimalist space. It all depends on your style.

In this article, we’ll give you tips on how you can update your kitchen’s look and match it with your overall style and personality. These are kitchen trends you can keep in mind to boost the aesthetic in your space. From finding the right wallpaper to setting up shelves and wall decoration to suit your tastes, we’ve got you covered.

How to Refresh Your Kitchen’s Look with Wall Décor


First off, the right wallpaper can set the atmosphere and ambiance inside your kitchen. If the room is built with brick and mortar, you can choose to maintain this as the wall design. Otherwise, you can also switch it up in a different style. For a regal look, you can use the Schumacher Twiggy Wallpaper in Silver.

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You can also decorate your walls with nature-inspired wallpaper, such as this one from ELLE decoration, for a rustic look.


Curtains are vital in providing shade inside your kitchen. You can either choose full curtains or half curtains to spice up your kitchen’s design. Curtains with blinds and fabric valances attached to the window exude a formal look and provide ample shade against the rays of the sun.

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There are different types of printables you can put up in your kitchen wall. Adding printables with quotations can be one of them. For instance, with this printable, “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table,” there’s a sense of bringing together friends whom you consider as family and gathering memories while eating delicious meals.

Photo by Westphalen Photography

Different kinds of printables depict visuals and graphics connected to being a foodie. You can put up pictures of herbs and spices or even your favorite desserts.


Golden time is valued when you’ve got the Black and Gold Large Skeleton Wall Clock to decorate your kitchen. Adorn your walls with elegance and precision by adding this piece to your walls. Its classic and timeless look will surely bring to life such beautiful memories in your kitchen space.

Photo by ARTerior Design

There’s also the option of a rustic farmhouse clock to put up on your wall, which brings to life the feeling of an old rural home in the countryside. Complete the look with a cotton plant or some lavender on a vase.

Scrabble wall art

One fun art project you can complete with your loved ones is creating a scrabble wall art as wall decorations. With a large kitchen or dining area space, add the names of your entire family for a personalized look, which creates the homey feeling in the atmosphere.

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Photo via Houzz

EAT signage

A staple of every kitchen is the large EAT signage as a wall or countertop décor. Depending on your style, you can choose a vertical framed EAT signage, such as the one below. It’s a handmade sign that’s at least 25 inches in height and 6 inches in width.

Photo by Trueline Woodworks, Inc.

There are also large EAT signages with separate alphabets you can either put up on your wall or your kitchen counter.

Wine rack

Simple, do-it-yourself wine racks can save up space in your kitchen while embodying that foodie atmosphere you envision. You need only wood and nails to create your own wine rack, and then put it up on your kitchen as wall décor.

Photo by Hometown Building

For a rustic look, display your wine collection using the Wine Bottle and Glass Holder or Rustic Wall Wine Rack that’s mounted on your kitchen wall.

Apron hooks

To maintain cleanliness while you cook in the kitchen, make room for apron hooks behind your kitchen door or in some other part of the wall. These apron hooks are sturdy and firm, and it will surely be useful while you cook up delicious meals in the kitchen.

Photo by SHIFT Interiors

Coffee station

A kitchen is incomplete without a coffee station. Make room for a shelf where you can place different items needed when making coffee, including milk, sugar, or creamer. Use hooks to display your favorite coffee mugs.

Photo by Lisa Robazza Design

Chalkboard or paper dinner menu

To further beautify your kitchen’s ambiance, place a chalkboard or paper dinner menu as a wall décor that you can playfully use to make announcements about mealtimes.

Photo by KitchenLab Interiors

Consider all the basics listed down in this article, and don’t be afraid to flaunt your style, whether it’s rustic, elegant, classic, or modern. The perfect kitchen is within your grasp.

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