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10 Unique Gifts for New Homeowners

Whether buying a new home or finding a dream rental, moving is the start of an exciting new chapter. So when your loved one moves into a new space, it’s worth acknowledgement and celebration and you can show them that you’re excited and proud with a thoughtful housewarming gift. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know what to buy. Give it a personal touch with one of these unique housewarming gift ideas.


One of the best parts of moving into a new home is the feeling of having a fresh start. Once you unpack and organize, it can feel amazing. Your place is freshly clean, and everything has a place. However, we all know that new organized heaven does not always last long.

Help them stay organized in their new space by purchasing them some clever storage tools. Give the gift of entryway baskets, desk organizers to be used in the fridge, or a magazine rack for kitchen storage. Get creative with organization ideas that your loved one may not have thought of—but will thank you for!

Gift Basket

Compiling a gift basket is a thoughtful way to show your friend you have been thinking about them. You can make it extremely personalized based on your loved one’s individual tastes. For the wine connoisseur, get them a nice bottle or new wine glasses. For the movie lover, make it theater themed with some popcorn and their favorite candies. For the busy mom, stock it up with household basics like toilet paper, cleaning tools, and paper towels to save her a trip to the store!

House Plants

Plants are a staple housewarming gift. There are so many benefits to adding greenery to your home. It freshens air quality, brightens up a room and can help eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety. Do your research and buy plants meant for indoor spaces to ensure your friend’s new green thumb can succeed.

Plush Sheets

I think one thing we can all agree on is that we dream of having an amazing night’s sleep. Sometimes sleeping in a new space can cause some restless nights in the beginning adjustment period. Help your loved one out by giving some nice, hotel-grade sheets for their new space.

Personalized Decor

Think about conversations or things your friend has mentioned in the past and gravitate towards decor items that make you think of them. Maybe they have said that they wished they had better taste or were braver with their décor? Check out some gifts for home décor and pick something they may not normally reach for. No one knows your loved ones better than you. Pay attention to what they talk about or mention, and it can help you find the perfect gift!


With the rise of remote working, home offices have become a staple part of one’s living space. Help your loved one spruce up their home office! A perfect gift for the workaholic who spends a lot of time in their office. Sometimes a little décor refresh can be just what the doctor ordered and help to revive the space.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows may seem like an obvious home décor item—but with so many different types and options on the market, you can really get creative with your gift. From embellished pillows to sequins to quotes to plain colors, you can find just about any type of pillow these days. Your loved one can also get creative with how they decorate and refresh their space with throw pillows too.


Is there anything cozier than laying on the couch, cuddled with a comfortable blanket, your favorite movie on, and a deliciously scented candle burning? Get your loved one a candle or diffuser to help their space smell like heaven. Plus, a candle is great for chasing away the smell of new paint!

Spa Day

While moving and starting a new chapter is exciting, it can also be extremely stressful. You know the feeling of lugging and moving boxes all day, organizing your new space, and finally being able to collapse on the couch when it is all done. After a long day of moving, there is nothing you want to do more than just fully relax.

Get your loved one a spa-related gift to help them fully zen out. Either a gift card to a local spa or a basket filled with bath accessories, they will love it!

DIY Gifts

A housewarming gift does not need to cost you a fortune. Get creative by making your own. Plus, making a DIY gift can be a great way to learn a new artistic skill you didn’t know you had!

Watching your loved one move into a new space is exciting! And you should be excited for them. Whether you are helping them move or attending their housewarming party, show them you care by buying them a meaningful, personalized gift that is uniquely perfect for them.

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