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10 Tricks to Cosy Up the Outdoor Spaces with Rugs

Do you have ample outdoor space and haven’t decorated it yet? Are you looking for some ideas? Using outdoor rugs might just be the idea you’ve been looking for, whether it’s a patio, terrace, or balcony. Usually, homeowners tend to have trouble when deciding on how to decorate their outdoor areas. To make the design and decorating process a little easier, we will show you a few tricks about rugs. This article will provide a few ideas on how to make your outdoor space cozier and more comfortable using outdoor rugs.

1. Choosing the Correct Style of Outdoor Rug

There are many types and styles of rugs on the market, such as villa carpets. Each type of rug has its own set of unique and valuable features. The rugs best suited for the outdoors are those from the aloha collection. These aloha rugs are hand-woven and made from coir. Coir is a coconut fiber that is tough, durable, and long-lasting.

2. Use Rugs to Separate Areas

Generally, outdoor spaces are large open-plan areas that give you plenty of design freedom. One way to ensure that you use the space well is to use rugs to designate areas. For example, as seen in the picture below, you can use a rug in the seating area to visually separate the area from the outdoor dining table.

3. Deciding on a Colour Scheme

The outdoor space is a place of relaxation and unwinding. A bright and energetic color scheme in this area will create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. When designing an outdoor space, ensure that the rug’s color complements the area’s overall theme. For example, if a rug has red and white stripes, then the pillows for the seating area can have a similar pattern or color.

4. Layering Rugs

When designing indoors, layering rugs is always a good idea as it can create a homely and cozy atmosphere. However, this only applies to indoor areas. The main goal of layering rugs is to include some variation in texture or to bring out the color in a room. This is optional for the outdoors.

5. Using Outdoor Rugs as an Accent

For outdoor spaces, using rugs that are bright with different shapes and patterns can be the perfect tool to make the area cozy. The picture below is an example of using outdoor rugs as an accent.

6. The Correct Texture of Rug

There are many types and styles of rugs, such as shaggy, hide, and cotton carpets. Although variety is an added benefit in interior design, only some rugs are suited for the outdoors. Generally, coir, polypropylene, and cotton rugs are most suitable. However, this will depend on the type of outdoor space you have. For example, if the area has an overhead covering or roof, you will have more freedom in the kind of rug you use.

7. Consider the Shape of the Rug

The beauty of decorating outdoor spaces is that you don’t necessarily have to follow a conventional design theme. This particularly applies to the shape of the rug that you use. You can use a round, square, or rectangular shape rug. With so much variety, you can play around with different designs until you find one that suits you.

8. The Perfect Theme for the Outdoors

Outdoor spaces are commonly used for entertaining guests and hosting parties. Therefore, when decorating, you will want to opt for a color theme that is bright, vibrant, and reflects a positive, cheerful mood. When choosing a rug for the outdoors, you will want to go for something with bright colors and striking patterns that adds energy to the outdoor space.

9. The Material of your Outdoor Rug

When shopping for outdoor rugs, the color and durability of the rug should be chosen carefully. Outdoor spaces are exposed to heavy rain, wind, and dirt. Therefore, if your rug is light-colored, it can get dirty quickly. Opting for bright colors and darker hues will be your best bet. The rug should ideally be stain and water-resistant.

10. Pair Your Rug and Furniture

When designing your outdoor space, remember that the rug and furniture should complement each other. Whether you are using a seating area, dining table, outdoor umbrella, or fireplace, these items should be placed in a way that creates a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere.

The Best Way to Decorate Outdoor Spaces

A patio, terrace, and balcony are one of the busiest areas in a home. These areas are generally used to entertain, host events and relax over the weekend. Thus, you will want to be comfortable and at ease when using these areas. That’s why we have highlighted some things you should consider when designing your exterior space to enhance the outdoors and make it welcoming for family and friends.

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