10 Tips to Plan the Trip of a Lifetime in 5 Minutes

You had a beautiful and successful wedding day sharing your time with guests. Now, it’s honeymoon O’clock, time for privacy and bonding–the first of many. There are tons of unique honeymoon destinations to choose from, but without plans; could turn into a nightmare. Hence, this post will show you how to plan a honeymoon in five minutes!

Planning the perfect honeymoon begins immediately you choose a wedding date. The exception is if you won’t have a honeymoon immediately after the wedding. But if you will see our failure proof honeymoon tip. From coping wedding boxes to nailing the perfect ambiance, we’ve got you covered.

1. Get a bridal box subscription

A bridal box subscription is a must-have for every bride. It serves as the perfect guide and planner for the bride. There are many great brands out there, but only a few like the Miss to Mrs are absolutely encompassing. Miss to Mrs. Wedding subscription offers nine themed boxes that fit each wedding stage. The items are useful and timely to pamper the bride from her engagement until the honeymoon. So the best time to get a bridal box subscription is before you start planning your wedding. This bridal service has a designated honeymoon box filled with goodies including creative honeymoon planning tips. You’ll also find custom merches, quality jewelry, party and beauty essentials, decor item, planners, guides, and inspiration, etc. Key into any of the tailored plans to suit your wedding timeline. They include accelerated, quarterly, monthly, and extended plans. If you’re Mrs and Mrs, even better, as you’re covered!

2. Start planning early

The plan the perfect wedding honeymoon, you should start early. There’s so much to do, especially if it’s a destination honeymoon. You should plan twelve to six months in advance so that you can have all the details sorted to perfection.

3. Work with your partner

A cohesive work plan with your partner is one of the most important honeymoon tips. You’ll do things together, so list out activities you’d love to do together and independently. This will help you choose the best destinations. Also, plan a budget specifically for the honeymoon since the wedding is out of the way. Being on the same page helps you plan better.

4. Get all the information you can

The next important step is to do your research and read reviews. Never go to any destination blind. Browse destination websites through your phone and see what people are saying about the places you wish you to visit. Also, look out for internet plans for your duration of stay and transport networks for easy movement. Lastly, make a list of what to buy from home. These items should be light and easy to carry through ports and borders.

5. Decide on when to travel

Many couples want to honeymoon immediately after the wedding, but it’s not a golden rule. This could bring on more stress or debt. It is fine to attend your honeymoon up to a year after the wedding. This will give you enough time to plan and budget. So, don’t be pressured. Take your time and choose a time that suits you financially and time-wise.

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6. Seek recommendations from social media

When you’ve decided on your honeymoon date, post it on your social media. Seek recommendations from your followers, the best place to go, activities to engage in, and what to expect. You’d be surprised at the volume of information that your friends will give. Don’t forget to carry your friends along with mouthwatering Instagram and Facebook pictures.

7. Finalize your bookings

Once you’ve decided on your destination, book your accommodation in advance. Conclude your flight or transport schedules. Sort out the logistics at your destination. Reserve your activities so that you focus on packing your backs.

8. Get down to the fine details

Check that your passports are valid and renew them if they aren’t. Print out your flight details and travel insurance. Check for travel restrictions at your destination if any. Take all the necessary prophylactic measures to protect yourself against infections. Duplicate all your documents in the case of theft. Put all your documents in a wallet for easy accessibility.

9. Sneak in a few surprises

Plan a pleasant surprise for your new spouse, like a spa day, date night, movie, or something cute. You don’t have to do this part with your spouse, but you can privately ask the hotel to make arrangements for you.

10. Opt for honeymoon packages

If you can’t deal with the stress that comes with planning, opt for honeymoon packages. Choose a destination and choose a package that matches your budget. Your planner or the tourist agency will handle your logistics to the last detail. From visas to flight bookings, hotel, excursions, food, etc. All you need is just to pack your bags and jet out.

If you’re in a fix about how to plan a honeymoon, these ten quick steps will solve your dilemma. Get inspired and go on a memorable trip void of mishaps to celebrate your love!

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