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10 Things You Will Need to Explain to Your Photographer for Best Pictures

Whether you’re getting a photographer for your wedding or your baby shower, there are certain things they need to know to ensure that they can produce the best possible product for you.

  1. The Details of the Ceremony. Nice and simple to start, make sure your photographer is aware of where and when everything is happening so they can be ready with the right equipment in the right place. Planning is the key when it comes to organising a good set of photographs; so, start early and be transparent and everything should go off without a hitch.
  2. Who Are the Key Guests? If you want particular people to get particular attention then let your photographer know. With everyone looking absolutely stunning at whatever event you’re photographing, it can be difficult keeping track of the key players. So tell your photographer who to look out for because they aren’t psychic!
  3. Specific, Individual Requests. If you have in mind a photo that you want ahead of time, arrange that with your photographer so they can get it set up within the timeframe of the event. Whether it’s individuals with specific needs or just a special shot you’ve always wanted, it’s good to have it planned and ready to go when everyone is in place.
  4. Key Moments. As with the last point, if there’s a timed moment you want to be covered for definite then let your photographer know. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a scenery photo over the bouquet being tossed.
  5. Photo Locations. This is a good one to get some advice from your photographer on. They’ll be able to help you scout out good locations with special lighting and scenery for some seriously spectacular shots.
  6. The Schedule. Let your photographer know ahead of time, what’s happening and when. There will always be events that you want caught forever and if you don’t let your photographer know ahead of time then they won’t know where they need to be for those all important shots.
  7. Preferred Style for Editing and Shooting. Make sure you get your preferred style of photo across from the get go so that you end up with a selection of photos that you love, not just like.
  8. Newborn Photography. If you’ve got newborns that need to be photographed then make sure this is made clear ahead of the event. Newborn photography comes with a whole set of problems that need to be planned for and organised around such as sleeping, changing and general baby stuff.
  9. Who is the Main Contact? Your photographer needs to know who their main point of contact is so that any issues with editing and submission can be sorted in a timely and accurate manner. Whether it’s you as the event holder or someone else you nominate, you need to provide a permanent contact that’s always available so that your photographer can put across any queries to them and get them answered quick.
  10. Building a Relationship. A good photographer can be a useful tool for life. Build yourself a good relationship from the outset and then you always know you have someone to go back to for future events and feel confident about the outcome. It’s a very personal relationship and once they know what you want and you know what you want from them, you’ll have a sense of security for future events you may need photographed.
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