10 Secrets To A Brilliant Bathroom Makeover for Less Than 500$

The bathroom is one place of your house, where you rejuvenate, relax and unwind after a tiring day at work. Many individuals tend to wash away their worries, work issues and stress by simply standing under a beautiful shower of their bathroom. It is your personal heaven where you spend hours making new strategies and plans for your professional or personal life.

No doubt you all love to secretly drool over the images of designer bathrooms in a glossy magazine and want to get one for your home but don’t have enough budget. If you want to give your bathroom a makeover for less than 500$ then read on 10 secrets below.

Secret#1: Usage Of Your Tile

If you are low on budget but still want to remodel your bathroom, then it is advised to limit the usage of your tiles. Only lay new tiles on high impact area like floor and paint the walls of your bathroom in contrasting color. For instance, if your tile color is grey, then paint your walls in bright blue in order to give your bathroom a distinct character and aura.

Photo by Chi Renovation & Design

Secret#2: Save Money On Countertop

No doubt, beautiful granite countertops are all rage nowadays. Instead of buying expensive granite countertop for your bathroom, it is advised to buy a slab containing slight imperfections. In fact, the more visible the imperfection of the slab, the cheaper the cost will be. Don’t worry about these imperfections as they will be perfectly hidden by sink faucets.

Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Secret#3: Paint Your Walls

Another way to tone down your bathroom remodeling cost is to paint your bathroom. Painting it will give your bathroom a new fresh look. Invest in high-quality paint preferably with a satin finish to prevent the accumulation of mold and mildew.

Photo by Peak Construction & Remodeling, Inc.

Secret#4: Update Fixtures

In order to give a complete makeover to your bathroom, it is necessary to update sink faucets, drawer pulls, light fixtures and towel racks. You can change the whole look and character of your bathroom by updating these small items. You can also hire experts for bathroom remodeling service if you want a trendy, modern bathroom within budget.

Photo by Silver Birch

Secret#5: Freshen Up Your Grout and Caulk

When your bathroom tiles grout and caulk get dirty, greasy and grimy, it presents an ugly and filthy picture. In a few dollars, you can make your tiles sparkle by adding fresh lines of caulk and grout on your floors and around your tub and sink.

Photo by MRTN Architects

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Secret#6: Don’t Buy New Stuff

If you are low on budget, then instead of buying a new bathroom bathtub or sink, reuse your old one.  You can easily refurnish your old bathtub or sink if it’s made of fiberglass, porcelain or cast iron. You just need to buy paint brushes, spray gun, paints, and facemask.

Photo by Etica Studio

Secret#7: Buy Used Products

You can easily save a huge amount of cash by buying used fixtures, sink faucets, tub or showers. Just do a little bit of research on sites selling used products online. Buy one that best suits your bathroom theme and décor.

Photo by FJ Interior Design

Secret#8: Make Your Own Cabinets

It is advised to make your own cabinets to keep all your toiletries or other necessary stuff inside it. If you have extra used kitchen cabinets in your storeroom or attic, then take them out, paint it according to your theme and mount them on your bathroom walls.

Photo by Angela Flournoy

Secret#9: Light Switches

By simply updating your light switches you change the entire look of your bathroom. Nowadays, you can find many beautiful, energy-saving lights in the market that you can install in your washroom.

Photo by Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.

Secret#10: Shower Doors

Install frameless shower doors in your washroom to save money. They are not only trendy, beautiful and classic but also easy to clean and maintain.

Photo by Rasmussen Construction

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Sarah Michelle is an experienced house remodeling contractor, and has been in this business for more than a decade. She is very enthusiastic about her work and keeps herself updated by the latest home improvement trend.

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