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10 Perfect Gifts for New Homeowners

Buying your first home is a major milestone, and one that requires a whole bunch of warming. But you don’t want to give a new homeowner just anything to mark the occasion. You’ve got to put in a little bit of thought and effort. Don’t get us wrong, gift cards to home improvement stores are great and everything, but they don’t exactly exude thoughtfulness. If your goal is to warm the house from the heart, you’ve got to give items that are simultaneously personalized, practical and worthy of one of life’s most momentous occasions. Here are a few of the best housewarming gifts for new homeowners.

Monogrammed Mani

Looking for a traditional gift for new homeowners? You can’t go wrong with some personalized housewares, especially when you choose the magnificent monogram. You can take this one a step further on the personalization scale when you pick something your recipient is into. She loves to cook? A monogrammed apron! She’s a bonafide hostess with the mostess? How about a monogrammed napkin set? Monogrammed goods are pretty much guaranteed to earn you big gift-giving points.

Custom Framed Artwork

With a brand-new house comes hundreds of square feet of blank walls. Bring them to life when you celebrate this big milestone with some custom artwork. One of the best gift-worthy wall hangings is a custom house portrait. You can have a local artist or a maker on Etsy create a custom watercolor portrait of your pal’s new digs and then you can frame it for a classy finish. Tip: Ask the artist for the digital file (and rights) of the work so you can give it to the homeowner so she can make custom greeting cards and stationery later on.

A “Welcome Home” Gift Basket

When you move into a new house, there are a few things that you’re going to need. Start with one main gift (like a personalized cutting board or a monogrammed mug) and then throw in some sweet perishables—gourmet cheese, crackers, chocolate, tea and whatever else she’s into. If the new homeowner is also new to the area, consider putting together an assortment of region-themed items, like local foods and gift cards to the best restaurants in the area. Because we all know many gifts are better than one!

Luxurious, Hotel-Worthy Sheets

There are few luxuries in life quite like good bedding. If you’re one of those people who loves a night away from home primarily because of those super-soft hotel sheets, you can bet the new homeowner on your list will love some luxurious sheets, too. Opt for a set on the higher end, like some indulgent Egyptian or 100 percent pima cotton sheets. This is an especially ideal gift for recipients who are transitioning from apartment to house and who may have never treated themselves to such a luxury before.

A Next-Level Appliance

These days, you can quite literally get high-tech versions of every appliance on your kitchen counter. There are Wi-Fi toasters—seriously, because who doesn’t want to be able to toast bread from bed?—Bluetooth-enabled slow cookers and, of course, connected coffee pots. If you think the Internet of Things is just a passing trend (it could be argued), then keep it classic by picking out a good-looking but old-school version of an everyday gadget or choose something a little indulgent, like a wine cooler or an espresso machine.

Wine for Every Milestone

If she loves a good vintage, you can’t go wrong when you pick out a medley of fine wines just for her. If you want to get super-creative, create a few milestone wines with custom labels. Homeowners will appreciate being able to pop a bottle for all the most important home-related firsts—the first roof leak, the first dinner party, the first holiday and the first time something big breaks. Go crazy and find an excuse to drink to everything!

A Hamper Full of Essentials

Want to ball on a budget? Don’t discount giving the gift of practicality. One of the best ways to do this is to fill up a container (ideally, something that can be reused, like a laundry basket or a big storage container) with everyday essentials, like toilet paper, tissues, cleaning products, candles, plastic food storage containers and small tools and items to make quick repairs.

A Personalized Tree Ornament

The first Christmas in a new home is always a special one, and you can make it even sweeter when you celebrate with a personalized ornament that marks the big milestone. Whether you make it yourself—it’s actually relatively easy if you’re feeling crafty—or have one professionally crafted, you know this is a gift that’ll definitely be put to use every December. It’s an especially great idea if you’re celebrating a new home purchase in the fall or winter.

Something Sweet-Smelling

Is a house really a house if it doesn’t have a candle burning? Probably not. We love the idea of giving the gift of some delightfully aromatic essentials to help, quite literally, warm the house. Shop your local market for artisan candles or scour the web for something totally specific to her tastes. Waxy stuff isn’t the only thing that smells good. You could also give the gift of some fresh-baked cookies to warm the heart and the belly or some fresh-cut flowers for a natural feel.

Money-Saving Must-Haves

Soften the sticker shock of home ownership by spoiling your buddy with some gadgets and fundamentals that help them save some dough on their utility bills. A pack of LED light bulbs, some draft-stoppers or some power-saving lamp timers will help them cut down their energy consumption. If you want to make a big splash, go big with a smart thermostat that uses less energy while you’re away or a smart shower head that conserves water.

With all of these great tips, we’re pretty sure you’ll be bumped to the top of the list of First Dinner Party Guests. Remember to throw in a special card with a sweet sentiment to tie it all together!

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