10 Most Popular Dog-Friendly Places in the World

When you own a dog, everything you do seems to revolve around him. It becomes almost impossible to cut him off of your plans. This means you consider him when you want to travel for vacation, change cities, among other things. Much as you love dogs, not everyone does. In the same way, not all the places in the world are friendly for dogs. It is why dog owners must be sensitive about where they bring their dogs because you would be surprised at how some people treat their pups. Before your mind wanders off, here are some of the most popular and dog-friendly places in the world:

Seattle, Washington

If you are looking to replace your playpen by getting the best portable dog playpen, then Seattle would be a good place to go shopping. Studies show that there are more dogs than babies within Seattle city limits. This makes it the best place to take you dog for a tour.

Rome, Italy

This may be a historic site that attracts many love birds, but that is not all the city is about. The place is such a loving environment for puppies, which means you can expect to see an unleashed dog running freely down the historic streets, or bathing in public fountains. The place even had the honor of hosting the Frisbee Dog World Championship, in 2018, where dogs would be running to catch Frisbees in their mouths.

Paris, France

Paris is not just the city of love for human beings, but for dogs too. In Paris, dogs are allowed in cafes, and they get their chairs too.

Portland, Oregon

This west-coast region in the US is favorable for dogs, given that it has 32 off-leash dog walks for owners to walk their dogs as they stroll and jog around. It is, in fact not, uncommon to find cafes, restaurants, and private areas receptive to both human beings and dogs.

Tel Aviv, Israel

With such a small population of humans in Tel Aviv, you would not expect so many dogs. There are around 30,000 dogs in this city, that are allowed into any cafe, store, restaurant, malls, buses, trains, to mention a few places. The town has four dog beaches and more than 70 dog parks all around. The city is also known for having a strong promotion of adoption from neighborhood shelters and off the streets. What more would you ask for as a dog lover?

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Toronto, Canada

If you are a dog lover, then you must have heard of Woofstock, which might just be the largest gathering of dogs in the world, which is a festival that crowns two dogs as Mr. and Mrs. Canine Canada. Technically. There are a series of events where dogs get to showcase their tricks and licks.

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Geneva, Switzerland

If you thought you would only need to pass a driving test to own a drivers license, in Geneva, you might just be wrong. To own a dog in Geneva, you have to pass a written and practical exam first. This law is put in place to ensure that only people who genuinely love and care for dogs get town and keep them.

Erdrokan [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Kathmandu, Nepal

In this part of the world, during the Diwali Festival, residents celebrate and honor dogs. The celebration has it that these canine animals are given wreaths of flowers and a mark with red powder on their heads. The people are so loving with pets that they leave plates of food for neighborhood dogs and strays that are out on the streets.

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Santa Barbara, California

It is not everywhere you can go swimming with your dog, but in Santa Barbara, you can. The coastal side of Santa Barbara, California, as its very own dog beach that is open all year round.

New York, New York

New York is one of those places in the world where dogs are priced and treasured. Talk of Gucci collars and Swarovski-crystal encrusted leashes. The people here love dogs and have the chicest dogs in the world. As a fact, if you adopt a shelter animal in NY will receive a $500 tax credit at the end of the year!

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