10 Most Amazing Restaurants for Budget Tourists

Eating out while traveling can be quite expensive, especially for those tourists who are exploring the world on a tight budget. However, we all need to eat, so finding cheap restaurants becomes a must for some people out there.

We don’t want poor quality food, or dirty restaurant options, so finding the right cost-benefits balance is crucial. Here are top 10 most amazing restaurants for budget tourists. Check them out, and let us know what you think.

Cheapest in Paris: Bistrot Victoires

If you want well-priced, delicious French food, this is the place to go to. The amazing atmosphere and the friendly service will provide an unforgettable experience for anyone. Most popular dishes:

  • The Famous Duck Confit
  • The Steak – that says it all
  • The Profiteroles

Address: 6 rue de la Vrilliere, 75001 Paris, France

Cheapest in Madrid: El Tigre

This is one of the cheapest restaurants in Madrid, and yet one of the most popular. If you decided to eat at El Tigre, expect a long wait – because you’ll definitely learn how to cultivate patience.

Eating some good Tapas and having some great wine in the heart of Madrid is worth the wait anyways! Most popular dishes:

  • Tapas
  • Patatas Bravas
  • Chicken Wings

Address: Calle Infantas 30, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Cheapest in Rome: Trattoria Dal Cavalier Gino

Right behind the Parliament, you will find this amazing restaurant, that will make you want to move to Rome for the rest of your life. There are a lot of important figures walking around the restaurant (including politicians), but the food is decently priced. The décor is unique, and the staff is really friendly.

“It’s like finding grandma’s home-made food in the center of Rome,” says Carrie Jameson, IT specialist at essaygeeks.co.uk, and culinary traveler. “Even if I could book culinary vacations every day in every country of the world, I would still return to Trattoria Dal Cavalier,” continues Carrie.

Most popular dishes:

  • Cherry Torte
  • Rabbit
  • Pears in Wine

Address: Vicolo Rosini 4, 00186 Rome, Italy

Cheapest in São Paolo: Tabuleiro de Acarajé

If you are looking for an exotic, decently priced restaurant in a sweet corner of São Paolo, try Tabuleiro de Acarajé. You’ll find traditional, Brazilian food, and lovely staff to serve you. The most popular dish is, of course, acarajé (black-eyed-pea patties).

Address: Rua Doutor Cesario Mota Junior 611, Sao Paulo

Cheapest in Buenos Aires: Nuestra Parrilla

Even if you are not into parrillas, you should definitely try this place out! The staff is so friendly and communicative, that you can’t help but make friends with them. You might even find yourselves drinking beers together and having a chat at the end of the program. Most popular dishes:

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  • The Sandwiches!!!! You must try the sandwiches!
  • The Chorizo Sausage
  • Freddy’s Parrilla

Address: Carlos Calvo 471, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Cheapest in Dubai: Zaroob Restaurant

Craving fresh Lebanese food? Try Zaroob. It even has vegetarian options!The decoration and the staff are also very friendly. They add new items to their menu almost every week or two. Most popular foods:

  • The Falafel (that’s right, animal lovers!)
  • The Shawarma
  • The Kraft Cheese

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Jumeirah Towers, Dubai

Cheapest in London: Mabel’s

The astonishing interior décor makes Mabel’s Covent Garden a special place for any tourist. And guess what? The prices are decent too. This is the perfect place for a late dinner, a good chat, or an after-work drink (right, freelancers?). They have a wide variety of British dishes available. Through the most popular:

  • The Fries (of course, it’s always “the fries!”)
  • The Halloumi Burger
  • The Drinks – honestly, their drinks are breathtaking, so I had to include them in this list

Address: 29-30 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden Market, London

Cheapest in Hanoi: 43 Cau Go Street

Since everybody agrees that the restaurant’s food tastes delicious, it must be right, mustn’t it? Located in the Old Town of Hanoi, you can enjoy the restaurant’s lake view while tasting some delectable dishes, such as:

  • The Sea Bass
  • The Calamari
  • The Fried Tofu
  • The Spring Rolls

Address: No. 7 Dinh Tien Hoang St, Hanoi 10000

Cheapest in Beijing: Grandma’s Home

First perk: they have an English menu. Second perk: they have great servers. Third perk: you can have as much food as you want for a very low price. Most popular dishes:

  • The Stir-Fried Rice
  • The Spring Rolls
  • The Sweet and Sour Pork

Address: Beijing apm 6F, No.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Cheapest in Moscow: Kosoi Marks

Only good reviews, only good people, only good staff, only good prices, only great food! Kosoi Marks has a lovely bar for burgers and craft beer, and delivers service in English as well. Barbeque wings are also a must-try!

Address: Taganskaya St., 1/1, Moscow 109147

Wrapping Up

Paris, Madrid, Rome, São Paolo, Buenos Aires, Dubai, London, Hanoi, Beijing, or Moscow – wherever in the world you decide to travel to, delicious, cheap food is waiting for you!

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