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10 Interesting and Inexpensive Ways to Design Your Home

It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money on decorating your home for it to looks beautiful and luxurious. Small details mean a lot! Only a small detail can ruin the whole look, but fortunately there are numerous small tricks that can help you.

Photo by Highline Partners, Ltd

Put handmade rugs

Decorate the TV with a picture frame

Photo via Houzz

Make a fireplace from some old furniture

Instructions at

Make a furniture from wooden pallets

Make a pictures of old items

Use the pipes remainings from the repairs

Photo by Machine Age Lamps

Putt led around some objects

Photo by Louise de Miranda

Paint the wall with horizontal lines

Photo by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Place the mirrors to visually increase the room

Photo by Chango & Co.

Add some decoration to the ceilings

Photo by PEEK Architecture + Design Ltd

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