10 Home Designs Tips for Small Condo Spaces

Small condominium spaces can be the most convenient option for homeowners. However, they can be a challenge when it comes to storing personal belongings and home décor. People would want to fit their items inside their unit without cramming space. And for homeowners with families, organizing things for both adults and children is a challenge.

With diligence, you can take advantage of your small unit space without sacrificing style or comfort. Regardless if you’re aiming for a studio apartment or a condo for sale, you can make the most out of your space by following these ten home design tips:

1. Be wise on furniture.

Since furniture occupies most of your condo’s space, homeowners should be wise on picking their furniture pieces. Choose bigger furnishings that can be multifunctional and limit the number of bulky pieces. As for tables, select those with a smaller tabletop (whether round or square). Be strategic in placing chairs around your unit. Choose wall desks with amenable drawers and compartments.

2. Clear the floor.

Any residential space should allow its occupants to move freely and pass every area without congestion. Thus, homeowners have to ensure that their furniture or belongings are not bulky, saving space for other items and free space for other activities.

For furnishings, use floating pieces like shelves, bookshelves, and nightstands to place your items. Select appliances that can be bolted onto walls, like ceiling fans, flat-screen TVs, or wall lights.

3. Hang every possible décor.

Continuing from the previous tip, décor like picture frames and trinkets should ideally be hung on walls. Aside from decorations, your wall can be used for storage and placement of personal items. For that, you may set up metal hooks and wooden racks for things like shoulder bags, IDs, coats, headwear, keys, and many others.

4. Invest in storage.

A cozy condo space is a well-organized home. Group the necessary items that you want to be easily accessible from those that can be stored away. In the kitchen, set up slide-out shelves and pantry organizers for quick stowing. For bedrooms, add bed risers as a safe keep for some bags, unused footwear, and even bedroom linen. Lastly, install shelves all around the house.

5. Get rid of bulky pieces and unnecessary items.

As part of consolidating items, find those that are unnecessary or inconvenient since they only occupy space. Replace bulky pieces, whether furniture or appliances, with smaller ones. Give away some items that you don’t need anymore. More importantly, never buy more items than you need. Only get those that deserve and are required to be in your home.

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6. Place decorations vertically.

A clever way to spruce up your small condo space is by taking advantage of the space above. Aside from hanging decorations and furnishings, that upper space can accommodate tall furniture, as well.

Bookcases, cabinets, and drawers can go all the way up, allowing for more room for your clothes, household items, accessories, supplies, equipment, and other belongings. As a bonus, you can place creative décor above your furniture.

7. Set dividers to establish areas.

Condo spaces can vary on the floor plan. Thus, designating areas around your small room, mainly if those areas are allocated for activities that require concentration or privacy, can be possible if dividers are set in place. Dividers can come in the form of wooden room partitions or tall bookcases. Stick to one theme or material for your dividers to make them gel to your condo’s aesthetic.

8. Set up mirrors.

For small spaces to feel bigger, incorporate mirrors into your walls. It is a practical trick since reflections on your mirrors give that illusion of a larger and livelier space. Use convex, multilevel, or circular ones for variety. Carefully set them up in areas where it does not feel crowded and light can reflect well. However, avoid putting it in your dining room.

9. Spruce up lighting.

Lighting can affect one’s perception of how large or small a living space is, as well as its ambiance and comfort. The smaller your unit is, the less the number of windows can be placed. If natural light is not possible, install adequate lighting on areas used more often, like the living room, kitchen, and play area. Ensure that they do not emit so much heat.

10. Stick with cohesion and simplicity.

Finding the balance between space and style in your condo boils down to having a single aesthetic. Stick to one consistent color palette and have most of the furniture be in one thematic material. But as much as possible, keep your home design cohesive and simple. A mixture of styles, like over-decorated walls over a bare living room, can seem addling and congesting. Remember that simplicity is beauty.

Final reminders before the revamping

For both existing and aspiring condo owners, refer to your unit’s floor plan to find strategies for designating every area. As such, always put safety in mind by not having every doorway or passage not congested or removing any roadblocks along the way.

Overall, designing your small condo space, bringing beauty and comfort in every corner, and fitting all your items in one place can be tricky. But it really takes a keen eye and a disciplined mind to balance space and style so you can call your small condo a home.

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