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10 Easy Design Ideas for Finished Basements

Adding a finished basement to your house is a great way to increase its size and usefulness. There are several design alternatives, whether you want to build a new entertainment space, a home office, or a guest suite. Here are five quick design suggestions to help you make your finished basement a functional and appealing space.

Top 10 Designs for Finished Basements

Cozy Entertainment Room

Any completed basement would benefit from a pleasant entertainment area. Including cozy chairs, a big-screen tv, and a surround sound system will make the area feel warm and welcoming. Add a popcorn maker, mini-fridge, and bar area to take your new entertainment space to the next level.

Photo by Sanning Construction LLC

Home Gym

A home gym is a great method to exercise without leaving the house. Putting in a rubber floor, adding mirrors, and installing an LCD TV or sound system may make a room both practical and fashionable. For space for weights, yoga mats, and additional equipment, remember to add lots of storage solutions.

Photo by Sebring Design Build

Home Office

Consider setting up an office to facilitate maximum productivity when working from home. Installing a built-in desk, including a comfy chair, and providing lots of storage for your papers and other supplies can help create a professional and elegant workspace. Your home office will be even cozier with an eye-catching area rug and some artwork.

Photo by Avril Interiors

Guest Suite

Having a guest suite is important if you often host weekend visitors such as friends and extended family members. By including a bed, dressers, and modern lighting, you can turn a basement space into a finished room that is warm and accommodating. Remember to have plenty of seating, a television, and enough storage to house your guests’ belongings during their stay.

Photo by Studio Starrs Interiors

Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is a great way to display your fine wine collection and create a one-of-a-kind venue for entertaining. Custom storage, a tasting table, and an air temp-controlled atmosphere will help you create a gorgeous and useful facility.

Photo by Cellars South

Arts and Crafts Room

A craft room is an excellent place for you and your family to express your creative sides. Add lots of storage for your materials, a spacious worktable, and sufficient lighting to make it the best place for arts and crafts. To make the environment more motivating, hang some finished artwork or inspirational quotes on the walls.

Photo by Harrell Design + Build


A playroom is a fantastic method to keep youngsters occupied while maintaining the cleanliness of the rest of your house. By including a toy box, a vibrant rug, and a playhouse or tent, you can provide a pleasant and secure environment for children to do what children do best. A whiteboard or chalkboard can also be added for games and sketches or to create a space that perfect for homework and school projects.

Photo by Wentworth

Home Bar

A home bar is a fantastic way to host visitors and relatives alike. By including a fully stocked bar, pub stools, and shelving for glasses and liquor bottles, you can turn your finished basement into a space that is chic and welcoming. Set the mood with the right lighting, hand a large flatscreen television, and sound system. If your space allows for it, consider investing in a dart board or pool table for some bar-style entertainment.

Photo by Thyme & Place Design LLC

Movie Theater

A home movie theater is a great way to experience your favorite films from the comfort of your own private domain. A wide-screen television, large comfy chairs, and a sound system will help you create a space that any movie fan would love to experience. To complement the movie theater atmosphere, add a few vintage movie posters, a snack machine, and a mini fridge to hold refreshments.

Photo by Distinctive Interior Designs

Multi-Functional Space

A multi-functional area is a great way to maximize the use of your completed basement. Add movable furniture, such as a couch bed or folding table, and lots of storage to create a room that can be utilized for several different activities all at once.

Photo by Matrix Basement Systems, Inc.

How to Start Redecorating Your Basement

Determine Your Goals & Priorities

Determine your priorities and goals for the room before beginning any redesigning projects. Consider the intended use of your finished basement and the essential characteristics you want it to have. Determine what aspects the area requires to be most useful for your family.

Photo by Construction Ahead

Color Scheme and Paint

Choosing a color scheme and room décor that represents your particular style is the first and one of the most exciting aspects of remodeling your basement. After you’ve decided on a color scheme and decor, the next step is to prime your walls and pick up a gallon of your favorite lime wash paint.

Photo by Kate Grzymala Design

Add Decorative Touches

To finish, add the final details to the room to make it come to life. Consider incorporating area rugs, artwork, and throw cushions to add texture and color to the space. Add lighting fixtures like table or floor lamps to make the more inviting.


Budgeting & Planning for Basement Decoration

Make a Budget

Once you’ve determined the extent of the undertaking, it’s time to develop a budget. Consider all of the project’s expenses, including labor, supplies, and licensing. Account for any unexpected charges that may arise throughout the process.

Photo by Sockeye Homes

Prioritize Your Spending

Prioritizing your expenditures is critical when designing your basement on a budget. Determine which goods are most essential to you and devote more money to them. For example, if you’re building a home theater, you might want to spend more money on audio and video equipment and less on ornamental objects.

Photo by Dancer Concrete Design

Research & Compare Prices

Another crucial component of budgeting and planning is researching and comparing pricing for products and services. Take the time to compare costs from several suppliers and vendors to find the best deals on the things you want.

Photo by Vertical Construction Group LLC

Final Thoughts

When redesigning your finished basement, there are numerous simple design concepts to consider. These ten design ideas will likely inspire you whether you want to build a comfortable entertainment room, a home gym, a guest suite, or something else. When planning your finished basement, take plenty of time to consider your family’s needs and desired aesthetic.

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