10 Celebrities with the Best Outdoor Pool

Have you been dreaming of a backyard getaway spot? Do you envision cabanas and lush landscaping? Do you want a firepit surrounded by a circle-shaped sofa with pillows? What would you include in the best outdoor pool ever? How about grottos hidden behind waterfalls? Would your dream pool have water slides, saunas, and hot tubs to relax in?

You can also choose between traditional pool water and saltwater. How will you access the pool, stairs or sand beaches? Pools can be made from fiberglass or gunite. They may have traditional shapes like rectangle or kidney. Or you can follow the lead of some celebrities and choose irregularly shaped, wondering lagoons, or a big perfect circle.

The options are infinite. Are you ready to start making plans?

What Is the Best Outdoor Pool Material?

You can buy prefabricated fiberglass pools that insert in the ground. To create a more customized pool, you can hire a builder that uses gunite to shape your pool as you like. Gunite pools are the most popular style in the US. Gunite combines sand and cement. Most pool builders use gunite to form the inside of the pool.

This material makes a sturdy, porous wall. This porous wall makes the pool more susceptible to algae build up than with fiberglass pools. This may sway you toward buying a fiberglass pool, but you need to learn more.

The cost of pools varies due to size, shape, locations, amenities, and type of pool. It is important to consider the overall cost of long-term pool maintenance. It costs more to buy the chemicals for a fiberglass pool than a gunite pool. Thus, a gunite pool cost may be less in the long term.

Top 10 Celebrity Pools

Let’s explore ten fabulous pools found at celebrity homes. Maybe you will find inspiration for own pool.

1. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg’s pool, reminiscent of a jungle oasis, includes lush landscaping. You will lounge in the cool shade under the palm trees by the natural rock wall. Feel the cool sand between your toes as you walk across the beach into the pool.

You can play on the water slide and relax in the hidden grotto spa located behind a waterfall. This pool also features a 12-foot-high waterfall. You will find three cabanas which provide an amazing view of the canyon below.

2. Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama created a resort-style pool for his Tarzana, CA estate. This pool sits beside a blossoming Japanese garden. You enter the cool, clear water by crossing a sandy beach. A hidden grotto and spa will relax your entire body and mind. Play on the waterslide that starts at the top of a waterfall and wraps around into the pool.

3. James Hetfield

James Hetfield’s saltwater pool lies amongst lush vegetation and trees. The pool sides are tall and made of large stones. You will also find cascading waterfalls. The deck features large flat stones and wood decking. A cabana sits at one end of the pool with plenty of luxurious chair for lounging.

4. Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace’s backyard suggests a beautiful, ancient Greek palace. It features a backdrop of tall, white columns and intricate mosaics on the walls of the building. You will find an amazing 54-foot-long colorful mosaic-tiled centerpiece. This lavish pool boasts a 24-kara-gold lining.

5. Celine Dion

Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island home sits oceanfront. You can stroll through the cabanas and over the white arched bridges. It has a water park that connects two pools. The waterpark features two water slides, a lazy river, a water cannon and a tree house with a slide into the pool.

When it’s time to relax and warm up, go to the sunken, cozy fire pit. This round firepit area extends out into the pool. This area has a clay-colored wall surrounded the edge with cozy seating built in around the fire pit.

The pool is only a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean.

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6. Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer eschews the celebrity pool obsession. Instead, he has a pond full of sweet lily pads. Natural grasses and tall flowering plants surround the quaint pond. Large round stones sit near each other at one end of the pond. This creates a patio area with chairs to sit and enjoy a good book. More stepping stones make a walkway to the pond.

7. Pink

Pink’s yard design mirrors her complex yet simple personality. Her pool sits in front of a large, white French-style chateau. The landscaping is minimal with only grass around the pool. The pool is a huge round saltwater pool with a flat, white concrete edge. There are no waterfalls, grottos, or waterslides. Just simple classic relaxation in the bright sun.

Image by Chris Cortazzo

8. Jim Parsons

Jim Parson’s kidney-shaped pool sits in the middle of a tropical garden. It overlooks the Los Angeles canyon and the city below. The stone pool and deck have lighting underwater which creates a romantic glow.

Image by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Fountains and waterfalls are interspersed with trees and thick foliage. This enhances the feel of a hidden tropical refuge. Relax in luscious lounges at the pool’s edge.

9. Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard’s resort-style pool has three beach entrances. The entire pool area has stone walkways and perfectly landscaped grounds. You can swim through caves and into a grotto. There are waterslides, waterfalls, and a lazy river. Relax in the soothing hot tub.

Image by www.realtor.com

10. Drake

Drake’s pool sits behind his Hollywood Hills YOLO estate. This pool was intentionally built to outdo the Playboy Mansion’s pool. He may have done that. The first thing you will notice is the wall of cascading waterfalls backed by colored lights. You can slide down the amazing 80-foot long rock water slide. Swim in the grotto and then up to the bar.

Image via imgur.com

You can dry often and relax in the sunken sitting area with a gas fire pit. Enjoy the shade from the tall tree and lavish foliage. It is truly a backyard wonderland.

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