10 Beautiful places of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, being an island country, is surrounded by major water masses like the Indian ocean and being a growing economy, the country boasts of a number of attractions that are a must visit for any fun loving individual all over the world. To get there you must first get some information about Sri Lanka ETA.

1. Pinnawala Elephant orphanage

This great orphanage, is situated at Pinnawala village, Kegalla district in Sabaragamuwa province Sri Lanka and is well known for hosting one of the largest herds of elephants in the whole world. lt was mainly started to take care of the young, unweaned, orphaned elephants found in the Srilanka forests.

2. Kandy City

lt is situated in the hill country of Sri Lanka and offers one of the best records of the past in Sri Lanka.Surrounded by a beautiful manmade lake, candy offers an adorable view to all those privileged to visit the place.

The great annual Esala Perahela festival in Srilanka is conducted at this place every August which sees people from different parts of the country and also foreigners flock the city to witness the activities that take place during this period. The festival involves parading elephants in the Temple Of The Tooth courtyards, which is one of the key attractions in the city.

Image by James Gordon via Flickr

3. Colombo city

It is the capital city of Sri Lanka well connected by some of the best means of transport in the area and well decorated by the many magnificent hotels, cafes and many shopping malls. You can find bazaar where visitors can enjoy buying and selling.

Image by Rukmal Kirtisinghe via Flickr

4. Polonnaruwa

This is an ancient city in Sri Lanka that features great sculptures of the 12th-century comprising of three Buddha reclining, standing and sitting figures. Polonnaruwa also features some palace ruins and is a must visit place for any fun loving individual.

Image by Malcolm Browne via Flickr

5. Nuwara Eliya Town

Situated 1900m above sea level, Nuwara Eliya offers some of the best cool conditions in Sri Lanka, hence a favourite to many.

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lt is an attractive town and has the best golf course in the whole of Sri Lanka.

6. Sigiriya

It is a very unique site, located on top of a rock plateau. It features the remains of King Kaspaya’s fortress of the 5th century. The site has already been declared a world heritage site and is a pilgrimage place for many Srilankan residents.

Image by Drriss & Marrionn via Flickr

7. Yala National Park

It is one of the best destinations to travel to in Sri Lanka either to have a good time or enjoy yourself exploring the great jungle and all the wild animals in it.Yala,is endowed with a great number of leopards, elephants and a great birdlife.

Image by Gaurika Wijeratne via Flickr

8. Galle Forts

The great streets of this fort, offers a great reminder of the past cultures and also recreates an atmosphere of the old world.

Image by Ryan Ryan via Flickr

9. Anuradhapura’s ruins

Features the ruins of a great city that was once Sri Lanka’s city for over a thousand years.

Image by Charles Pieters via Flickr

10. Sri Lanka whale watching

The south of Sri Lanka,offersone of the best sites to see and enjoy both the blue and sperm whales Being a must visit, one is required to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa which will enable you to visit this great nation. The Visa is applied online, depending on the purpose of the visit.

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